These 6 ultimate foodies share their food faves and go-to spots in Singapore

These 6 ultimate foodies share their food faves and go-to spots in Singapore
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Want to get the inside info on Singapore food faves and spots to try? These six insiders spill their favourites.

Singapore has everything and anything when it comes to food. With its multicultural background, there are a plethora of options to choose from. You might already have your own food faves, but ever curious about what other fellow people in Singapore think?

It’s still staycation season, so take this time to explore more of Singapore with this insider information of food faves and go to spots!

1. Francesca Scarpa



Director of the Da Paolo Group
@dapaolosg ,

With an Italian father and Singaporean mother, Francesca was born and raised here. And over the past 30 years, her family has put down roots: The Da Paolo Group is widely known for its authentic, top-quality Italian cuisine and event catering.

While her work revolves around Italian eats, she says, “My cooking style at home is more local for a change!”

Dining out habits

“The truth is, I try to eat at my own [Da Paolo] restaurants and cafes to keep in touch with what’s happening on the ground. When I need a change, I order in Indian, Thai or Japanese food.”

Fave food court

“I get my local fix at Takashimaya food court because it’s convenient and has many options. Sometimes, I go for bak chor mee, other times
I go for cai fan – and have meat, fish and vegetables with brown rice.”

2. Penelope Foo


Founder of Hungry Mummies
@hungrymummies ,

“I want to show that home cooking doesn’t have to be complicated,” says Penelope of her pragmatic approach to empowering others to cook through Hungry Mummies. Her small group lessons cater to all who believe cooking is a hassle – from fellow mums to domestic workers.

Tasty home recipes

“Some of my favourites to make are grain bowls (that contain a good balance of protein and veggies), hearty chicken stews, Impossible meatballs and lasagna, and pasta with fennel, sardines and tomatoes.”

Fave local snack

“My favourite local snack would have to be kueh tutu – little flower-shaped steamed rice cakes stuffed with grated coconut or other fillings. I can eat 10 pieces in a go!”

3. Yeo Pei Shan



Co-founder and Director of Operations of Ugly Food
@uglyfoodco ,

This sustainability- focused flexitarian created Ugly Food as a means to eat healthily and reduce food waste. She sells blemished produce that is perfectly fine to eat and other eco-products on the site, saying, “I hope people can embrace the imperfections of fresh produce and give them a second chance!”

Fave plant-based place

“I love going to Fortune Centre for vegetarian food. My favourite stall is Vegepot, an eatery that serves various Chinese dishes such as Penang hokkien prawn mee, bak kut teh and thunder tea rice.”

Handy cooking hack

“I love to make plant-based dumplings – practising my folds, and then freezing the finished products. It allows me to make quick, healthy meals such as noodles with vegetables and dumplings, with the latter already packed with flavour.”

4. Jeremey Hauw


Executive Director of Tuck Lee Ice

For decades, Tuck Lee has been providing ice to all of SG – probably to your favourite bars, restaurants and food stores. Growing up in the family business, Jeremy used to work part- time while in school and even ran delivery rounds.

These days, when not on the job, he likes to enjoy a “good dram of whisky” – paired with Tuck Lee’s Krystal Ice Balls, of course!

Perfect drinks

“My favourite local drink is definitely sugar cane juice with lime – it’s so refreshing. For alcoholic drinks, it’s single malt Scotch whisky. My current favourite is Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask.”

Fave places to eat

“Huber’s Bistro is great for steak. In pre-Covid days, the kids could be at the playground while the adults have German beers and chill. I like Dempsey eateries, too, such as Morsels, Blu Kouzina and CM-PB.”

5. Shruthi Thomas


Founder and curator of InTheEvent

Hailing from India, Shruthi has lived in Singapore for 10 years. “It really opened my eyes to a world of food,” she says of her first months here. But it was a trip to Italy, where she tried an “amazing insalata caprese in a random trattoria in Assisi”, that inspired her to start InTheEvent in 2020 to create gorgeous, gourmet grazing boards.

Love for SG food

“When I first met my [Singaporean] husband, he told me the national sport is eating. The level of variety here is astounding, and Singapore has a great way of blending different culinary traditions.”

Fave food trend

“Food trend I love? Salted egg yolk. It’s weird, because I don’t actually like egg yolk in any other form – but I will try anything and everything salted egg-yolk flavoured.”

6. Thuymi Do


Multi-business owner + consultant
@thuymi ,

Thanks in part to her international background – she was born in Canada, and has lived in Dubai, Saigon and now Singapore – Thuymi has become quite a food connoisseur.

On her blog, she writes about restaurants, bars and other hotspots around the world. “I believe the F&B of a place really shows a side of its culture,” she says.

Fave SG bars

“For drinks and delicious bites, I’m absolutely in love with Manhattan at Regent Singapore, MO BAR at the Mandarin Oriental, and Smoke & Mirrors at National Gallery Singapore, which has stunning views.”

Food faves

“I love wonton mee and could have it anywhere! I also truly enjoy it when some of my gym members take my partner and I to their favourite hawker place.”

This article was first published in The Finder.

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