These Asian celebs are inspiring us as plant parents

These Asian celebs are inspiring us as plant parents
(Left) Chantalle Ng, (Right) Jamie Yeo.
PHOTO: Instagram/chantalleng, Instagram/iamjamieyeo

Like many of us, celebs such as Jolin Tsai, Jesseca Liu and Chantalle Ng have sought solace in therapeutic hobbies such as gardening during these uncertain times. For some, it’s about cultivating fruits and vegetables to experiment with in the kitchen, while others go all out to spruce up their living spaces with lush greenery.

Ahead, check out these Asian celebrities and their flourishing greens. They might just inspire you to become the next plant-fluencer, or at least, a better plant parent.

Chantalle Ng

The budding actress (pun fully intended) has talked openly about how much she enjoys gardening. When she’s not busy acting or managing her chicken collagen soup delivery business, the 26-year-old looks after her 20 plants at home.

While Chantalle candidly admitted in an interview with Today that she doesn’t really know how to take care of plants, the plant mum has been putting in the effort to read up and learn more about gardening. Way to go Chantalle!

Jamie Chua

It’s no secret that the socialite has a thing for gardening — something she’s been showing us on social media. In a YouTube video posted last year, Jamie offered her followers a rare glimpse into her sprawling mansion.

A perennial gardener, Jamie also included a short tour of her garden which is filled with lemon trees and other tropical plants. She even has an Instagram account with the handle @jamies.secretgarden dedicated to her labour of love.

Jesseca Liu

Local actress Jesseca Liu is another one who has taken to social media to share her love of horticulture. The singer was so pleased with her potted plant that she couldn’t help posting it on Instagram.

Jamie Yeo


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A hint at the former DJ being a plant lover: the fact that they make an appearance in almost every shot of her home. It seems her two kids — 10-year-old Alysia and three-year-old Luke — are always on board to tend to the family garden.

For gardening beginners, Jamie recommends getting water spinach because you “just water it everyday and stick it under the sun”.

Jacelyn Tay

An advocate of growing food at home, Jacelyn often shares photos of her plants on social media. In a Facebook post last year, the former actress revealed that she aspires to “have a garden full of nutritious herbs, vegetables and fruits”.

Charmaine Yee

There’s no doubt that Kiss 92FM radio jock Charmaine Yee has a passion for nature, as you can see from her environmental activism. “One of my commitments to Earth Hour this year is to support local produce and support businesses that are sustainable,” she wrote via Instagram, posing with gardening tools while surrounded by lush vegetation.

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Kayly Loh


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Her passion for botany inspired “A Quest to Heal” star Kayly Loh to set up her floral business, Bucket Full of Roses (BFOR). Unfortunately, a fire broke out in June at the BFOR studio in Ubi Road. Currently, the business is still taking orders on its online store. We wish Kayly nothing but the best!]

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Jolin Tsai

In addition to caring for her fur baby, baking and nail painting, the Mandopop queen has also been gardening up a storm. Jolin now grows a variety of fruits and vegetables on her rooftop garden. Jolin loves her lush sanctuary so much, she even shared this video of herself playing the ukulele among the greenery.

Hebe Tien


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We love how Taiwanese singer Hebe Tian is undeterred by failure. After mourning the death of her beloved two-week-old Jatropha podagrica (Buddha belly plant) in 2018, the “A Little Happiness” singer picked herself up and started gardening again in 2019 by cultivating a Swiss cheese plant.

At present, Hebe is also a proud plant mum to dracaena trifasciata, commonly known as the snake plant.



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One of the things we gleaned from K-pop boy band SHINee Key’s appearance on MBC’s popular reality show I Live Alone is that he has been growing scallions and other plants at a corner of his home veranda. On Instagram, he has shared several pictures of his garden’s bounty, both freshly picked from the ground, and made into a nutritious meal.

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