These cool Yamaha pianos are designed to blend stylishly with modern interiors

PHOTO: Yamaha

Beautiful as they are, classic pianos may not fit into every interior style. With this in mind, piano maker Yamaha collaborated with furniture manufacturer Mexart to conceptualise three stylish digital pianos that intertwine music with contemporary lifestyles.

The collection, with the three innovative piano prototypes named A・round, Re・mind, and Be・side, is the brainchild of Sunao Okamura, Masaharu Ohno and Daizo Sato from the Yamaha Product Design Laboratory in Hamamatsu, Japan.

The stunning instruments don't just double as chic furniture pieces, they have functional purposes, too:


PHOTO: Yamaha

The soft curvature of the A・Round's natural wood tabletop is designed for the instrument to sit in the centre of the living room and beckons listeners to gather around. A leather lid adds a warm, welcoming touch.


PHOTO: Yamaha

Fashioned with tapered legs and a rich wood texture that draws on the mid-century modern aesthetic, the Be・side was designed for the bedroom and other serene atmospheres.

It comes with a side table where favourite items or drinks can be placed, and invites the player to play for a bit to wind down for the day before heading to sleep.


PHOTO: Yamaha

The minimalist and slim Re・mind was inspired by the way a distinctive decorative shelf, or a painting leans against a wall, imparting a casual feel and placing focus on the time the instrument is not being played.

An added shelf allows for family pictures and mementoes to be placed above the keyboard.

The designs first made their appearance at the Furniture China 2018 Expo in Shanghai, with the A . Round piano winning the prestigious Gold Idea Furniture Design Award.

Unfortunately, they aren't available for sale, but one can definitely hope.

This article was first published in Home & Decor.