These floating, eco-friendly pods could be your next getaway

These floating, eco-friendly pods could be your next getaway
PHOTO: Anthenea

We've talked about prefabricated cabins before - modular, ready-to-use designs created for discerning travellers that want a luxurious experience, without any extra baggage. Well, how's lean luxury a la Anthenea: they've got floating, eco-friendly pods you could get for a beach-style, off-grid holiday.

What began as a pet project by architect Jean-Michel Ducanelle - who was enamoured by classic James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me - ended up as a luxurious, 50 sqm floating pod. Expect a pod replete with creature comforts including: an unreasonably large living space (for a floating pod at least), XL round bed, salt-or-freshwater overflow bathtub and a solarium with full panoramic views of the surrounding ocean.

Naturally, the floating rooms operate completely off-grid. Especially important, since there aren't many electrical or sewage mains accessible from a floating pod. That means that the pod's energy needs are provided completely by solar energy, with a central vent that provides natural ventilation. It also comes with a wood-burning stove and desalination system. Black and grey water stations complete the clean energy-and-water suite.

Anthenea's pods aren't designed to look (somewhat) like a space-age, submerged turtle shell for purely aesthetic reasons. The large base and dome-like shape increase the structure's stability, allowing the pod to capitalise on surface tension to resist some pretty rough conditions at sea. Silent motors keep the pods in place without creating any untoward noise or water pollution.


Speaking of water pollution, the Anthenea's only by-product (into the ocean, at least) is clean water, and its sand screw anchors prevent any damage to the reef or corals below. The pod's also 100 per cent recyclable - though we guess you wouldn't be doing that anytime soon.

The pods can fit up to half a dozen people comfortably and can be configured into a sort-of eco-village set-up if necessary, with accompanying bar, spa, and private restaurant configurations.

Floating real estate is exciting for a couple of reasons. For one, unlocking the sea as uncharted waters for luxury off-grid getaways is always exhilarating. More than that, it's really about stretching the limits of human ingenuity. After all, we should always be prepared for a time when the sky - and sea - is no longer the limit.

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This article was first published in The Peak

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