These spaces were made more beautiful by wall decal

Not sure what to do with that blank wall in the corner of your home?

Why not try using wall decals to add flair to that space? Not only is it easy to use, but there's also a wide range of designs that you can choose.

Typically made from vinyl, wall decals will allow your space to be transformed in a quick and cost-friendly way.

Add an artistic flair to your home with these wall decal ideas:


Try to relax in your room with these soothing and calming leaf wall decals. 


Make your child's playroom even more quirky with this mini ombre rainbow wall decals in pastel hues. Rainbows and unicorns will surely give the little one a reason to smile!


Add a dollop of fun and creativity to one of your rooms by having a flamingo-designed wall decal. 


Personalise your space by adding something that speaks YOU! With the various wall decal designs available in the market, you will surely find something that will define your personality. This home has a tangerine wall decal-perfect for the homeowner's bright and happy disposition. 


Satisfy the inner mermaid in you by getting a removable decal like this magical mystical mermaid. It'll feel like you're always near the ocean!


Spice things up in your kitchen by choosing decals that has something to do with booze and food.


Get something that speaks your heart out. Install inspiring quotes, funny one-liners, Bible verses, or even small reminders that will make your visitors, as well as your family members, smile and laugh (out loud!) with your wall decal.


Go big at home with these huge floral decals that can surely make a bold statement.

This article was first published in Cromly