These stylish sling phone cases are perfect for busy mums

PHOTO: Sift & Pick

Scenario: You’re out at the mall with shopping bags on one hand and an overly-excited kid jumping around on the other.

In the haste of juggling everything while trying to reach for your phone in your purse to call for help, you accidentally drop the bags and mobile phone while your kid runs into a nearby toy store.

Sounds familiar? Your life can be made easier in such a situation with a handy sling phone case. Slung across your neck or wrist, your phone is both secured and at quick reach. Keep scrolling for eight stylish designs available in Singapore to get you started.

1. Aight Rgb Hang A Case Mikado All For You - iPhone, $37.60, Sift & Pick

PHOTO: Sift and Pick

This case comes with two strap — one longer than the other — which can be used interchangeably or together, affording you the versatility to sling your phone around your wrist or your neck. The black and yellow is a striking colour combination, though there are four other colourways to choose from.

2. Glamorous Gold Chain Crossbody Phone Case, $32, Sama Sama

PHOTO: Sama Sama

If you’re looking for something that is a cross between function and aesthetics, this gold chain iteration will fit the bill. It is sleek and understated and can be easily matched with any outfits.

3. Mulberry Crossbody Phone Case, $27, Sama Sama

PHOTO: Sama Sama

The transparent case allows you to show off the latest model that you’re carrying while the red cord strap is adjustable to suit a variety of lengths.

4. Pockiesling Case With Cord, $59.15, Etsy


This corded phone case is upgraded with a cardholder so you can stash your credit cards for quick access while you go shopping. Besides the colourful holder, there is a black option available.

5. Leon Studio Designs Strap Detachable Cover, $64.04, from Etsy


For those who prefer clean and functional designs, this leather phone case has a matching coloured cardholder while the straps can be detached as needed.

6. Aight Neony Pink Hand A Case All For You - iPhone, $36.40, Sift & Pick

PHOTO: Sift and Pick

Made in a variety of striking neon shades, this phone case is made for those who love loud colours. We also love the cord designs that add to the design’s sporty vibes.

7. Impact Sling Case, US$60 (S$61.80), Casetify

PHOTO: Casetify

This case has various iterations but we especially love this mirrored version as it allows you to preen yourself as you go about your day. There are also three different strap designs — sport rope, snake chain and metal chain — for you to choose from.

8. Phone Sling Case, $24.52-$29.90, Taizjo

PHOTO: Taizjo

Taizjo pared down the phone sling case to its simplest form with an all-clear design that comes with a card case – perfect for the minimalist.

This article was first published in NuYou and The Singapore Women's Weekly.