Things to do in the first weekend of Phase 1: Watch classic Singapore films online, sing along to Sezairi, MICappella

PHOTO: YouTube/hp

Yes, we've finally entered Phase 1 of Singapore's reopening after the circuit breaker. But what does this mean for weekend plans?

Sadly, things are still more or less the same as before CB, with the coronavirus still within our midst. So since we still have to stay home and keep safe, here are some activities to keep you occupied.

Something you can do

Dream Cruises at home

#DreamCruisesAtHome 【Vocal Lesson Fun】 Share with us your joy and relieve your stress as you dance and sing along loud...

Posted by Dream Cruises on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

In a series of Facebook livestreams #DreamCruisesAtHome, let the Dream Cruises crew show you how to dance, sing, make an amazing cocktail or whip up some comforting dishes from around Asia.

This Friday (June 5) at 3pm, the culinary team will show you how to make a hot and sour tom yum soup!

Alternatively, you can also check out their previous livestreams consisting of vocal lesssons, a Japanese Taiko drum show and more. 

National Gallery's Children's Festival

You may not be able to head to the National Gallery this year for their Small Big Dreamers interactive exhibition, but you can still bring the children's festival into your home.

Visit the Small Big Dreamers website to find games and creative activities for designed for your little ones, such making your own musical instruments with your kids and creating shadow art with online tutorials.

Something you can watch

Hear65 Sing Along

When melancholy meets lush pop, you get a band called Sobs. We won't lie, Sobs's undeniably relatable lyrics has got us...

Posted by Bandwagon on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

In the third instalment of this weekly livestream, listen or sing along to local band Sobs, MICappella, Sezairi and punk rock trio Iman's League on Saturday (June 6) from 7.30pm onwards.

Classic Singaporean films

Watch Singaporean films of the last few decades in this YouTube playlist titled Films of Singapore Daily, compiled by local video artist, film maker and researcher, Toh Hun Ping. 

Here's where you can watch black-and-white Malay-language classics or dive into Singapore-made movies you never even knew existed. Catch former actress Andrea De Cruz's acting debut in the 1998 film, Tiger's Whip, and actress-turned-deejay Melody Chen in 1999's Street Angels. 

Something you can cook

Make your own 'viral' mini pancakes

You may have seen the pancake cereal that's trending online, but while adorable, they may not be very satisfying on its own. Here's a recipe for mini pancakes that you can top off with chocolate sauce and strawberries for a cute and tasty treat!


Makes up to 23 pieces

  • 150g pancake mix
  • 1 egg
  • 100ml milk


  1. Add the pancake mix, egg and milk into a bowl and mix well. 
  2. On a heated non-stick pan, add a scoop of the pancake mixture and form a round shape with your spoon. Flip the pancakes and remove when both sides turn a golden brown.  
  3. Dress up your mini pancakes with additional toppings. Our choice of toppings are chocolate and strawberries.