Things you need to know before choosing your toilet bowl

The toilet is still one of the most important items in your home.

Some homeowners think it's quite a standard feature that they don't need to think about which one to buy. But there are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing the right toilet bowl for your bathroom.

Let this guide help you choose your throne room essential, which will suit best your bathroom style, space, budget, and lifestyle.


Yes, there are several types of toilet bowls. It usually comes in one or two pieces. One-piece toilets are made for easy maintenance, while the two-piece sets are set to fit traditional bathrooms. There are also modern types, which include the following:

  • High-Tank Toilets: They work just the same as two-piece toilets. However, they are set up much higher on the wall, revealing the plumbing between the seat and the tank
  • In-wall Toilets: This kind of toilet gives your bathroom a sleek, minimal look. Whether the tank is actually in the wall or the toilet is tankless, the big bulky part is hidden inside the wall-a real space saver in small and narrow loos.
  • Integrated Bases: This type of toilet can be both two-piece and one-piece toilets. An integrated base toilet means that the bottom of the toilet is a full, flush piece, unlike the usual two-piece toilets that have full of nook and crannies.


Toilet bowls come in different shapes. It can either be elongated (which are more modern in style) or round ones (which are great when you have smaller bathroom spaces).


White is usually the colour that homeowners pick when it comes to toilet bowls. It also has the best value should you opt to have your home for sale.

However, there are more chic and nicer colours you can pick that when used properly, will make your bathroom a standout.


Toilets are available in either standard height or comfort height. A standard height toilet is a lower bowl, while a comfort height toilet is standard chair height.


A rough-in is the distance from the wall to the centre of the hole on which the toilet bowl is mounted. A rough-in size can be in 10", 12", or 14" so be sure to measure first prior to purchasing.


Aside from the size, height, colour, and type, toilet bowls also have different flush sytems that you should think about. A single flush system usually has a larger trap way, which can reduce clogging issues.

Dual flush systems, on the other hand, have full and half-water flushing that will make your home water efficient. You might also want to have a pressure-assisted mechanism, which is set on the wall and gives water extra pressure so that your toilet is much cleaner and water goes faster.

This article was first published in Cromly.