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Think you're safe? TikTok user shows how useless locks are on some luggage bags

Think you're safe? TikTok user shows how useless locks are on some luggage bags
TikTok user Raudshazali showed us how easy it is to split apart a bag.
PHOTO: PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Raudshazali

You're incredibly excited about your upcoming holiday plans so you've decided to pack your bags for the trip. 

You brought the basics - some clothes, valuables, and a couple of electronic devices. And you think to yourself that a simple lock should keep them safe, right?

Sorry to break it to you, but you might want to think twice about that.

On Sunday (July 3), TikTok user @Raudshazali uploaded a video showing that anyone can open a locked luggage bag, without leaving any signs that it was broken into.


Why locks are useless. Use seals or latches on your luggage!

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The video starts off with a man securing the baggage with a regular lock. But by simply using a cheap ballpoint pen, the man was able to poke through the zipper and split the bag open without a hitch.

If you look closely, the lock is still in place even though the bag has been opened. Towards the end of the clip, the person resealed the bag with its zipper, making it look like the luggage was never opened or touched in the first place.

The video went viral, and as of time of writing, it has already gained over 680,000 views and nearly 42,000 likes.

With the video reaching so many people, you would think that the majority would be pleased with someone warning them about this 'hack'.

However, some netizens pointed out that this TikTok user has just taught them how to commit theft without getting caught.

How to protect your goods

With this video in mind, many of us would want to know how to prevent ourselves from being a victim to such airport crimes.

Here are some tips to follow:

Double-coil zippers

As shown in the video, single-coil zippers are easier to penetrate using sharp objects. They are incredibly vulnerable and tend to burst if high pressure is applied against it.

On the other hand, double-coil zippers are higher in terms of durability and some are burst resistant. 

With tightened tiny gaps of teeth, a double-coil zipper increases the chain's resistance to puncture and makes it more challenging to break into using a sharp object.

Travel luggage straps

Travel luggage strap are great solutions to not only keeping your bags locked but also making it easy to spot.

There are three different types of luggage straps that you can use including regular luggage straps, X-shaped luggage straps, and bungee cord or "add a bag" type of straps

To ensure maximum security of you luggage, it might be best to go with the X-shaped ones as these are straps that come in two's. Cross them over one another on a luggage and relatively your items will be kept safer than a mere lock.

Plastic wrapping

According to Consumer Reports, one way to discourage thievery is to wrap your suitcases in saran wrap or other plastic coverings. 

Most major international airports offer baggage wrapping services for a small amount of fee, and in Singapore, it costs as little as $5.

Although it won't necessarily prevent someone from breaking in to your bag, you will at least know almost immediately if someone has indeed tampered with your luggage. And your bag will also be better protected from external damage.

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