UK tourist says Singapore is 'amazing' but shares one reason he'd never live here

UK tourist says Singapore is 'amazing' but shares one reason he'd never live here
TikTok user JossiePops shares why he would never move to Singapore.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/JossiePops

Is Singapore too hot to handle?

Despite finding our little red dot an amazing place to visit, one UK tourist is not convinced that he wants to live here.

Johnny Hamilton, aka Jossiepops, took to TikTok on March 23 sharing why he is not keen to move to Singapore after his five-day stay in our city-state. 

And it has something to do with the weather.


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"It's absolutely amazing, such a cool place. But will I live here? No. Not because it is bad, but simply because it is too hot," said Hamilton in his two-minute clip. 

Part of what he finds amazing about Singapore is how efficient and "futuristic" it is here.

"Singapore as a whole, is way ahead of the world. You'll just be in awe at how futuristic and how the place works," said Hamilton, a portrait artist from Ireland.

He shared several things that he noticed and admired about the country, such as the Green Man Plus card readers at traffic lights which allows a longer time for elderly and Persons with Disabilities (PWD) to cross the road. 

"It is such a cool place, lots of stuff to do. Everyone is respectful, polite and clean," he added. "And everyone picks up litter."

Hamilton documented the places he visited while in Singapore on TikTok which showed him exploring several tourist spots such as Tekka Market in Little India and Gardens by the Bay.

He described Sentosa Cove as resembling the Bangor Marina in Northern Ireland, "but thirty degrees hotter and hundred per cent cleaner."

But as much as Hamilton enjoyed his stay in Singapore, he is clearly not fond of its high temperatures and humidity.

"Its just too hot. You spend your time just in the shade," he lamented. "You just go from shadow to shadow... and aircon to aircon."

Hamilton's honest review of the country's weather caught the attention of many Singaporeans online who chimed in on the unbearable heat. 

However, some commented that just like every other country, it takes time for one to acclimatise to Singapore's weather.

"Singapore feels way hotter than anywhere I have been in Europe but it's a lot drier heat [there] so [it's] easier to breathe and less sweaty," wrote Hamilton in the comments.

Hamilton also shared in the comment that he finds the Sydney heat "so much more manageable".

"But I could see why people live here [in Singapore], but personally I don't think so. But definitely visit Singapore. You'll just be in awe at how futuristic and how the place works," Hamilton said at the end of the video.

One netizen commented how Singapore wasn't always this scorching hot. 

In response to several comments on his video, Hamilton was quick to share that he still had a good time on his trip, noting in one reply that what he'd said wasn't a criticism but "just an observation".

Good to know too, that the heat hasn't put him off visiting Singapore in the future, with Hamilton replying to one commenter that he "will definitely be back!" 

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