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Until 2020, we never knew these things existed leh

Until 2020, we never knew these things existed leh
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If you are very posh and kantang, you would have gone around telling people that 'this year has been such a game-changer with so many new norms'.

But if you aren’t – or are just like us here – you would have gone around telling people that 'this year very suay – ok, different – hor'.

We won’t go into the much-discussed/whined-about topics of how most of us haven’t seen an immigration counter officer in months, how the world no longer sees our $89 designer lipsticks-on-our-lips (or our hairy upper lips), and how Ah Gong’s recent birthday banquet couldn’t have the usual 10-pax seating.

Instead, here are the other random things that we had to get acquainted with this year and that we honestly never knew existed until now. Like your GF’s hairy upper lip.

Having a personal Zoom meeting room

Giving people your handphone number is so 2019, puh-leese. It’s now about giving people your Zoom meeting room link.

And besides Zoom, there are so many other ways to meet online

Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams… it’s the 2020 version of commuting to different offices and meeting venues.

But, but, but how come nobody cares about Skype or FaceTime anymore liao?

Wow, can share screen

No need to be primitive and send one another documents and attachments on good ol’ emails or Whatsapp – that is only for 30-year-olds.

The hipster corporate pick-up line now is 'can share screen?'. But be careful what you display from your desktop.

It can be very malu to accidentally 'share screen' of a Pitu-modified photo of yourself as a Story of Yanxi Palace eunuch.

Double wow, even atas restaurants are willing to deliver now

The circuit breaker period really made them pivot so we got to eat (self-plated) Michelin-award-winning dishes at our humble Ikea dining tables.

Care packages for friends and fam

If 2020 didn’t happen, the only people who know about care packages would be those sending parcels of Nissin instant noodles and Yakun kaya to their undergrad-kids overseas… and over-enthusiastic Secret Santas in the office.

But 2020 happened and so, we were busy sending care packages of homemade soups, artisanal cookies and DIY cocktails from our home in Jurong West Street 52 to our friends living at Jurong West Street 53.

You can scan your temperature with your hand

It’s so Ironman. We always thought that we need our foreheads, armpits or some other nook and cranny on our bodies to get our temps tested.

But these days, the latest thermometer scanners let you simply shove your palm out like some 1980s TVB period drama pugilist hero.

There are all kinds of masks out there

Before 2020, the only masks we knew were SK-II facial sheet masks and Daiso Halloween masks. Now, what you choose to cover up with can say a lot about your personality and style DNA.

If you use the ubiquitous 50-cents-a-piece disposable masks, you are, well, boring. If you match your mask colours to your clothes for the day, you are put together.

And if you wear one of those luxe beaded or sequined masks, you can’t wait for getai season to be what it originally was all over again.

Your other half who’s working from home has very unsavoury work-personality habits

Working from home for the good part of this year meant that we saw our family members more often than we liked.

And who knew that they behaved so strangely in a work context, like laughing coyly at everything their not-funny-at-all bosses said in a Zoom conference or slapping the table each time they didn’t agree with a colleague?

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