Vanishing places: Hiker shares pictures from Dover Forest, urges Singaporeans to visit before it's gone

Lush greenery, overgrown trees and exotic wildlife are some of the sights you can see hiking inside Dover Forest.
PHOTO: Facebook/CheeSerMeng

Feeling the urge to venture off the NParks' well-worn hiking trails?

Do you miss hiking and getting lost in a legit forest?

Well Dover Forest might be the hiking adventure you and your friends are looking for in Singapore. 

Sadly though, time is running out to check out the beauty of Dover Forest. 

It was announced last July that Dover Forest East will be reclaimed to be developed into public housing by the end of this year. However, Dover Forest West will be retained till 2030.

As a sort of love letter to Dover Forest, user Chee Ser Meng shared a post containing photos of his hike on the Facebook group Singapore Hikers last Saturday (Nov 5). 

But in a twist, the uploaded snaps were edited to imagine what our local forest would look like if it was autumn time.

User Chee Ser Meng and his hiking group reimagine what it would be like if autumn came to Dover Forest. Photos: Facebook/CheeSerMeng

Our very own Dover Forest looked unrecognisable with the autumn hues and shimmering leaves of gold, just like a scene out of an European or Japanese forest!

With editing, the photos of our own Dover Forest resemble that of autumn European and Japanese forests. Photo: Facebook/CheeSerMeng 

The Facebook post, which has garnered over 429 likes and 177 comments, left many netizens questioning the whereabouts of the majestic forest.

Many netizens were shocked to learn that the forest in question is located in Singapore while others asked Ser Meng for more details.

Netizens were amazed by the beauty of the photos of an autumn Dover Forest. Screengrab/Facebook/CheeSerMeng

Ser Meng shared with netizens that the snaps were taken at the east side of the forest, while imploring them to "can go just go". 

Located next to Dover MRT station, Dover Forest is divided into two parts – Dover Forest East and West.

The undisturbed tropical forest, which is home to lush green foliage, streams and wild animals, is a firm favourite among local hikers.

The Dover Forest is home to lush green foliage and overgrown tropical trees. Photos: Facebook/CheeSerMeng

While most routes don't go longer than 2km, it is recommended to set aside between an hour to two hours due to the difficult hike.

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First-time hikers are advised to go in groups and to research on their prefer hiking route online in order to avoid being lost. 

At the same time, remember to pack only the essentials that will come in handy in the forest. They include a raincoat, insect repellent, a trekking pole and drinking water.

Expect to run into unexpected detours when trekking through Dover Forest. Photo: Facebook/CheeSerMeng

Expect overgrown trees, unexpected detours, wild animals and blink-and-you-miss-it DIY trail markers (left by fellow hikers) along your hike in this green oasis in the heart of our island city. 

And if it's cloudy with a chance of rain, brace yourself for a mud-filled trek which anyone can tell you is no walk in the park!

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