Wander from home: Ski snow-capped mountains & enjoy fondue in this virtual escape to Switzerland

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Nestled between Germany, France, and Italy, Switzerland is a picturesque place filled with stunning architecture and unspoiled natural scenery.

Simulate Switzerland’s offerings of winter sports or adventure to their famous peaks through 360 degree celsius virtual views. Rich with culture, history, and attractions, explore this Central European country at its best, from the comfort of home.

Ski down the slopes of The Swiss Alps

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Known for being a winter wonderland, take part in one of Switzerland’s most popular past times – skiing. Ride down powder-fine snow at the Aletsch Arena, situated on the largest glacier of the Swiss Alps. Whether you’re an extreme sports enthusiast or just up for a different point of view, this virtual ski down majestic mountains is not to be missed.

Stroll the streets of Lucerne


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One of the most populous cities in Switzerland and in the German-speaking part of the country, Lucerne is filled with historic landmarks dating back to the 17th century.

Enjoy this virtual tour of Lucerne’s most iconic monuments. Make your way down the streets of Old Town, cross The Chapel Bridge, and explore the Richard Wagner Museum dedicated to the German composer. There’s even a beautifully constructed Meggenhorn Castle to venture into.

Stand at the peak of The Matterhorn

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Live out every mountaineer’s dream as you virtually make your way to the top of the Matterhorn,  arguably the most famous summit of the Swiss Alps. With appearances in films , paintings, and even serving as the chocolate Toblerone’s logo, don’t pass up a chance to conquer this magnificent mountain.

Make food fun with fondue

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Feeling a little snacky? Indulge in one of Switzerland’s most iconic dishes. A staple of Swiss cuisine, fondue has become popular globally, with variations across the world.

Learn to make a traditional Swiss cheese fondue with an authentic family recipe in this video using half Gruyères and half Vacherin cheese. Experiment with sweet or savoury fondues, and grab your favourite finger foods for dipping.

Relax in Aquamarine waters of Lake Geneva

PHOTO: Twiiter/mylakegeneva

Soak in the sun at one of the largest lakes in Central Europe. Split between Switzerland and France, Lake Geneva is a scenic wonder, from dawn to dusk. Take a virtual lounging swim in Lake Geneva’s glassy waters, and marvel at the lush greenery and mountains that surround this body of water.

Go on a guided tour of The Swiss National Museum

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Learn about Switzerland through a guided virtual tour via ZOOM at The Swiss National Museum . The History of Switzerland virtual tour covers the evolution of the federal republic from the Middle Ages to present day. Get an in-depth look at the country’s culture and society throughout 550 years of history, and discover how Switzerland came to be!

Enjoy an authentic Swiss meal (in Singapore)

PHOTO: Coucou

The best thing about living in a cosmopolitan city is having access to many culinary cultures. In Singapore, the answer to a Swiss meals lies in Coucou on Craig Road, a name that means hello in French (one of the country’s four national languages) and a reference to the cuckoo clock .

 Expect exquisite traditionally-Swiss menu items such as potato rösti topped with veal sausage and onion confit, and trout filet Geneva style, as well as a 100per cent Swiss wine list.

This article was first published in City Nomads.