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Want more Wordle? Here are 13 spin-offs to try, including a Singlish version

Want more Wordle? Here are 13 spin-offs to try, including a Singlish version
PHOTO: Screengrab/Word-leh!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've most likely seen or played Wordle. 

In fact, it's so popular that it's been given the seal of approval from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself. 

For the uninitiated, players have to figure out a five-letter word in six or fewer guesses. After every attempt, each letter tile turns either green, yellow or grey to indicate whether the player's guess is correct, in the wrong position or incorrect. 

Once the player solves the daily puzzle or uses up all his guesses, he has to wait until the next day to play again. 

For those who can't seem to get enough of the game, or want more options while waiting for your next puzzle, here are 13 other spin-offs to try your hand at. 

1. Geodle 

Think you know Singapore's MRT and LRT well enough? Geodle gives you six chances to guess the daily location — an MRT or LRT station in Singapore. The game also tells you how far you are (literally) from guessing the correct location. 

2. Malay Wordle 

Just as its name suggests, Malay Wordle works the same way as the original, just with Malay words. 

3. Chengyu Wordle 

Remember having to memorise countless Chinese chengyu (idioms) for compositions? Test how much you can remember by guessing the idiom of the day in this game

Here's something to note though, only valid four-word idioms are accepted. 

4. Word-leh! 

Mother tongue not your forte? Maybe Word-leh!, the Singlish rendition of Wordle, might be up your alley. 

5. Lewdle 

If your mind is in the gutter, try your hand at Lewdle, a spin-off that's perfect for you to flex your dirty vocab. 

6. Taylordle

Calling all Swifties, now you can try Wordle (Taylor's Version) also called Taylordle. Daily words consist of anything Taylor Swift-related, including song titles and album names.

7. BTS Wordle 

And of course, who can forget BTS

8. Sweardle 

Have you ever gotten so frustrated while playing Wordle that you're cursing at the game? Now you can curse on the game while trying to figure out the four-letter cuss word of the day. 

9. Primel 

Instead of guessing a specific word, Primel invites players to guess a five-digit prime number — making it perfect for math geeks. 

10. Dordle 

For those who breeze through their daily Wordle puzzles, Dordle provides a greater challenge by having players guess two words — but only with six tries. 

11. Queerdle 

Queerdle is described as a 'yassification of Wordle', complete with a pretty pink background.

12. Wordle Archive 

Missed out on yesterday's puzzle? No worries, Wordle Archive has it, along with other past puzzles that you can have another shot at. 

13. Wordle Unlimited 

Hardcore fans of the OG Wordle can now rejoice, as you'll no longer have to wait for the next puzzle with Wordle Unlimited. Everything else remains the same.

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