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Want to sleep on the job? This company is paying you $1,500 to do just that in Singapore

Want to sleep on the job? This company is paying you $1,500 to do just that in Singapore
PHOTO: Instagram/sleepsonno

Ah, what some of us would do to be able to take a nap on company time. 

Unfortunately, in fast-paced Singapore, such acts are heavily frowned upon and employees caught in the act may risk being penalised or worse, fired. 

So, imagine our delight to find a company looking for candidates to actually sleep on the job. The best part? The chosen ones are going to be paid handsomely for it — $1,500 each, to be exact. 


The job position is offered by mattress and bedding company Sonno and they've aptly titled it Sleep Executive.

Job scope-wise, all successful applicants need to do is to snooze on a Sonno mattress for eight hours a day in the comfort of their own bedroom.

To complete your task, you'll be sent over one Sonno Sleep Set which includes a Sonno Queen Original Mattress, two pillows and one Sonno Bed Sheet Set. And to make things even better, this entire set is yours to keep even after the experiment is over. Sweet.

To keep track of your snooze sessions, you will be required to use a sleep tracker app and have to creatively document your sleep journey daily on your social media account. This entire project will span over 100 days.  


According to Sonno, the end goal of the project is "to use these findings as input to refine their products with the ultimate goal of enhancing Singaporeans’ quality of life by giving them a better night’s sleep". 

Founder and CEO of Sonno Fabio Miceli says that because of the pandemic, we "see our health and productivity facing serious problems". Therefore, Sonno hopes to "bring awareness to this phenomenon and really look into how we can improve our sleep routine, which can hopefully help get our lives back on track". 

If you're interested in becoming a Sleep Executive, the sign-up period is open from Sept 6 till Sept 19 and you can apply on Sonno's website. Selected candidates will be informed by Oct 1. 

Now, who says you can't earn money while you sleep? 

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