Watch: How to look and sound your best over video calls while WFH or talking to bae

Staying at home has become the new norm lately in light of the pandemic. Work, however, must still go on for many of us, and our social lives have moved online.

Video calls have taken over a large part of communication, but it doesn’t mean you should just lay on your bed and flip that laptop open just in time for a meeting with your co-worker, boss, or even a potential date.

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1. Wear a decent top

They don't need to see how worn out your school camp T-shirt from 2008 is or read questionable phrases off that too-tight graphic tee you've got.

2. Find a corner or space that's well lit and quiet

Limit distractions. No one likes to hear your washing machine running or toilet flushing. Do not sit with your back facing the light as you wouldn't want to appear as a shadowy silhouette. Sit facing the light source.

3. Position the camera properly

Bring it up to your eye level and spare your co-workers from a view of your double chin or nose hairs and don't slouch.

4. Make sure you sound good

No one likes bad audio. Use a headphone to avoid feedback, or use an external microphone for clearer audio. If you can't find a quiet corner, mute your mic. Also, keep your fan far away from your laptop as the whirring noise will just distract from your conversation.

Watch the video above for tips that would make your next virtual meeting a more pleasant one!

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