What to do if you secretly hate your engagement ring

What to do if you secretly hate your engagement ring

If you're of the belief that your husband-to-be should surprise you when the time comes for him to pop the question, there's a 50-50 chance that you may not like your sparkler as much as you should.

When the time comes, here are a few things you can do:


Once he's opened the all-important box, maintain an expression of excitement, and never ever let him see your disappointment.

Be prepared that his ring might not be what you envisioned so you don't get caught off-guard and let your emotions show. 

He's spent all that time, effort and thought planning for the perfect proposal, and the last thing you want to do, is mar it with bad memories by not appreciating it.


Take a few weeks to think about, while wearing the ring (of course).


This will give you time to see if you're able to grow to love the design or not.

Plus, you should really find out the reason behind his choice.

You never know: there might be a sweet story behind the ring, and you may grow to love it better.

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Even if the design's not "you", the ring comes with a sentimental value.

Exchanging it for another may defeat its purpose, and you may grow to love it for what it means.

Put the focus on what really matters: ihis expression of love and commitment to you. 

Plus, there are always other ways to dress it up (pairing it with your wedding ring may make all the difference, you know).


If by the end of those few weeks, you still can't see yourself wearing it, decide what you dislike about it, and break the news gently. 

You can also start by telling him how touched you were and everything you loved about the proposal. 

The right time matters, too.


If you're really uncomfortable with the look and feel of the ring, it may be better for you to change the design (slightly or to an entirely new one), as you'll be wearing it for life, and don't want to be begrudging (we really hope not) your fiance for not knowing your style better.

You can approach it by praising the elements you liked, then add a few suggestions on how your ring might look better, in your opinion.

After all, he's spent time, money, and effort searching for (what he thinks is) the perfect ring for you, so tread with care.

I personally wouldn't recommend you sell the ring, or change the design entirely.

If it's a simple one, you can choose to change the band, or the setting of the ring.

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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