What to expect at the Hermes Kellymorphose exhibition in Singapore

What to expect at the Hermes Kellymorphose exhibition in Singapore
Sac Bijou Kelly in silver.
PHOTO: Hermes

The Hermès Kellymorphose collection is whimsical, thoughtful and simply divine. Designed by Pierre Hardy, this collection reimagines emblematic features of the maison’s iconic Kelly bag into highly covetable, artistic jewellery.

Think: An assertive form, two side straps, a clasp, a padlock, and a key-holder, all rendered in rose gold, white gold and silver featuring spinels and diamonds—baguette cut, soft relief and dark radiance. And the exhibition showcases them in their full glory.

Kelly Baguettes Choker in white gold with 491 diamonds (65.61 carats). Kelly Baguettes Triple-Row bracelet in rose gold featuring 275 diamonds (31.99 carats).

Through designing the Kellymorphose collection, Hardy once again proves how jewellery can be ornamental, practical and playful—all at the same time. For instance, the clasp featured on the Kelly Baguettes chokers and bracelets isn’t just a gorgeous design feature, it also serves to lock and unlock the pieces for adornment. The same can be said for the Alphakelly Double bracelet with the padlock serving as the clasp.

Another great example is the Sac Bijou Kelly in silver. This downsized, metal Kelly bag doesn’t just make for a great statement necklace but it can also be opened up to house items such as a credit card, lipstick and maybe AirPods.

This entire collection is filled with clever and playful interpretations of the Hermés Kelly bag. And fashion lovers will thoroughly enjoy discovering them at the Hermès Kellymorphose exhibition from Feb 19 to 27, 2022. Sign up here to make an appointment.

This article was first published in Harper's Bazaar Singapore.

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