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What I eat in my hood: Bedok halal edition

What I eat in my hood: Bedok halal edition
PHOTO: Instagram/dsocialoutcast

Warning: Bold claim incoming. The east side has the best halal makan places in Singapore (fight me).

As a long time resident of Bedok, I can attest to the countless number of delicious, affordable convenient makan places available in the area. And yes, a lot of them open till late at night if you want to satisfy those late night hunger pangs.

We have the usual suspects such as Simpang Bedok, Bedok Corner and Bedok Food Center that house a number of halal eateries. But here are some underrated gems that you might want to check out.


Location: Blk 511 Bedok North St 3 #01-11


Simply put, Lemaq has the best Nasi Padang in the neighbourhood. AND, it's super affordable!

You can order a bunch of their signature dishes such their Sambal Paru Belado (Sambal Beef Lungs) and Daging Belado Hijau Padang (Padang Green Chilli Beef) together with your rice and it will only set you back about $4. It's practically a steal.

They're also known for their bento takeaways so it's definitely a great option if you want to order from home. I would also highly recommend trying the Indonesian cuisines they have on offer especially the rissole.

I honestly don't know anywhere else in Singapore that sells this, but it's essentially a deep-fried croquette wrapped in pastry containing chickens and potato fillings and it's to die for!


Location: 298 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Complex (Simpang Bedok)


Looking for a hipster vibe that you can bring your partner to for a date? Check out Badoque. This trendy cafe sells Western, Mediterranean, Indonesian, and even Japanese dishes.

Most importantly, their portions are super generous. 

I would recommend trying their Special Beef Ribs which comes slathered homemade barbecue sauce, or the Duck Puttanesca pasta with roasted tomato sauce and smoked duck. Trust me, it tastes as amazing as it sounds.

The Social Outcast

Location: 348 Bedok Rd, The Bedok Marketplace (Simpang Bedok) Level 2


What makes a decent halal burger. Is it the size? The taste of the patty? How about the way it's coooked?

Well, this Western cafe ticks all three boxes. Their charcoal-grilled burgers are generous in their size and serving and they offer a variety of premium patty including unagi and portobello mushrooms. 

Each burger also comes with a side of tempura fries. While the prices are slightly on the steeper side, the fresh ingredients and generous helpings definitely make it worthwhile.

TFF Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice

Location: 811 Upper East Coast Rd, Bedok Food Centre #01-22


There's a halal version of the iconic Hainanese Chicken Rice available here in Bedok. It's definitely a favourite amongst residents here who swear by its quality.

TFF Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice serves up fragrant rice and tender and juicy chicken dripped in soy sauce that offers a touch of sweetness which goes perfectly with the meat. The chilli sauce is the perfect finishing touch to spice up your meal.

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