White sneakers: The footwear staple that everyone needs

White sneakers: The footwear staple that everyone needs
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White sneakers have been a long-standing staple —and for good reason. They’re clean, versatile, and will never fail you when you need a pair of shoes for even the most outrageous outfits.

That’s why no matter how many shoe trends come and go, people still find themselves reaching out for their plain white kicks the moment they tire of whatever footwear is “in” at the moment.

Since it’s seemingly paramount to own a pair of white shoes, we’ve rounded up a selection of white sneakers that cater to the different personalities out there. Some are completely plain while others sport a couple of extra elements — but which one suits you best is entirely up to you!

1. For the minimalist 

We know you minimalists have great taste in shoes, and that it’s not unusual for you to own a beautiful selection of footwear to suit your monochrome apparel. But when every boot, heel or sandal doesn’t quite go with a new outfit you’ve put together, this pair of sneakers just might.

2. For the retro lover 

If you love the old-school look and tend to take style cues from the 70’s or 80’s, these retro-inspired sneakers will soon become your new favourite kicks. Chances are you’ll never tire of them too considering how they’re pretty understated and bound to match a whole bunch of your outfits.

3. For the busy folks 

If dealing with shoelaces is too time-consuming for you, a pair of sneakers with velcro straps may just be the thing your shoe cabinet needs. You’ll easily slip in and out of these in no time, ensuring you a hassle-free experience every time you wear them out.

4. For the thrift store addict 

You’re gonna need a pair of basic shoes to match all your vibrant buys from vintage stores. These are so versatile that they’ll go really well with even your craziest, most colourful secondhand finds — plus they’ll suit your outfits just fine since there’s also a tiny pop of colour.

5. For the gym buff 

You’re almost always at the gym, so it’s essential to have a trusty pair of exercise shoes with you at all times. These ones don’t only go nicely with your gym wear, they can also be worn out with casual clothes before and after your workout.

6. For more height 

Get a pair of platform sneakers if you’re constantly wishing you grew to be a little taller. All those bottoms you couldn’t buy because they were an inch or two too long? You can go ahead and purchase them now!

7. For a little extra shimmer 

If you’re into things that shine and glimmer, you may enjoy wearing these shoes that look a little extra magical. They’ll serve you well since you’ll enjoy the holographic elements, and you’ll no doubt have plenty of fun wearing them out.

This article was first published in CLEO Singapore.

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