This is why 46-year-old Michelle Chia seems to be ageing in reverse

PHOTO: Instagram/michellechiaofficial
Local media personality Michelle Chia who captured our hearts with her hosting prowess and acting chops has created quite an empire for herself and is showing no signs of slowing. Besides being a style icon with a successful television career, Michelle is also a major boss babe. 

Along with her long time business partners and besties Pornsak Prajakwit and Addy Lee, Michelle started her own live-stream company, Mdada, in September last year. The trio has been a hit with audiences thus far.

Michelle, who streams more than four times a week for up to seven hour each session tells Her World that “there were times when we’ve already been streaming from 7pm until past midnight around 2am, and we still keep going because even at that time, we can sell up to 600 facial packages.” 

It’s obvious that Michelle is a hard worker. She works hard for what she’s achieved, whether it’s her incredibly successful career, rocking bod or evidently radiant complexion.

As we celebrate Michelle’s 46th birthday (19 Sept) and all her accomplishments, we sat down to chat with the star as she spilled her life, work and beauty tips, including early makeup fails (see, she’s just like us).

On juggling work and life

“It’s all about keeping a well-organised schedule and allocating sufficient time to rest and recalibrate. Keeping myself fit and agile is also important. I try to fit in my yoga practice in my schedule at least a few times a week.

I’m also blessed to have Addy and Pornsak with me on this journey with Being long time friends and colleagues, we’ve learnt how to support each other and complement our strengths to create good work.”

On ageing in reverse

“I make it a point to cultivate good habits. Besides maintaining a balanced diet, keeping myself active and having a good skin regime, I’m also constantly trying new things to keep my mind and body from getting ‘lazy’. Enough sleep, if I can add one more to the list.”

On the wonders of face yoga

“Face yoga is something I have learnt in recent years and started practicing. I thought to myself, If I can workout to keep my body in shape, why not work those 40+ muscles on my face? I also give my face a good massage whenever I apply skincare products.”

On patting her face 300 times a day

“I feel that it helps to “wake” my skin up by stimulating blood circulation. I don’t know if there is any scientific proof behind it but my mom’s skin is enough proof for me. I’ve watched her doing that since I was young and I believe that it’s her secret to keeping her mien glowy and taut.”

On her DIY face mask

“I have a homemade mask recipe for glowy skin. Crushed rolled oats, egg white, cold fresh milk, honey and a tiny bit of lemon juice. Apply the mixture to freshly cleansed face and let it dry. When it dries, pat your face with some milk to soften the dried bits and spread the crumbs out evenly again.

When it dries, wet the whole face with milk again and gently exfoliate skin before washing everything out thoroughly. This mask leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and bright. A good honey is key. Honey fights inflammation while lemon brightens skin.”

On her signature luscious mane

“I try to keep my scalp healthy by doing scalp treatments at Monsoon. They’ve been taking care of my mane for years. Everything starts from the root. I believe in enhancing blood circulation at the scalp by flipping my head upside down when blow-drying my hair.”

On her top beauty must-haves

“Hyaluronic acid + B5, Dr Shibui Anti Wrinkle Corrector, a good and safe micro-peeling skin renewal at-home kit, any light, hydrating masks and eye serum.

All in all, it is important to remember to keep yourself fully hydrated at all times. It is so hard to name just five beauty products because skincare is like a healthy balanced diet — you need a variety of products that will come together to balance your skin.”

On the beauty products you should buy from her

“The anti-wrinkle, dragon blood and idebenone product range from Dr SHIBUI’s skin care, such as its Anti-Wrinkle Corrector, the Dragon Blood Concentrate and the idebenone Flash Defense Concentrate.”

On her beauty muses

“My yoga teacher, Gillian, whom I met in Ikaria, Greece. I was instantly drawn to her when I first saw her at the resort which I was staying in with my film crew for one of my shoots then. She sat straight, spoke softly and moved with elegance.

Simple and nothing loud yet shining with such a positive aura and attractiveness. She inspires me in all ways. Another will be a photographer based in China called Chen Man. She has minimal makeup on all the time while looking her best. She is also a believer in TCM for good healthy skin/health — which go hand in hand.”

On why she stopped using concealers

“I believe that less is more. I have stopped using concealers under my eyes for years — they dry up after a few hours, causing creases to appear. These days, I just use an oil-free tinted sunblock that is moisturising.

So instead of touching up with powder, I can use the sunblock anytime of the day when I am out and about. It is important to protect your skin around your eyes from sun damage too!”

On her biggest beauty fail

“Having thin eyebrows. I have come to realise that they are not from me. So I have learnt, trends do not always sit well on everyone. Do what suits you best.”

On her definition of beauty

“Beauty to me is all about being kind, calm and confident. Confidence in your own skin, as cliché as it may sound, but it is definitely one’s subtle confidence that brings out that ultimate glow, charisma and attractiveness.

I have seen many examples proving that beauty shines from inside out. Like the Chinese saying, ‘beauty comes from the heart’, it is very true in my eyes. A kind and gentle soul is the most beautiful.”

On her plans for the future

“Right now, my focus is solely on building Though it is only a year old, the road ahead is still one to look forward to. At the same time, a healthy work life balance.

I have spent a lot of time on the business the past year (we have not had a weekend off since we started) so I hope to be able to spend more time again with my family and my closest friends. And continue looking younger than my age! (laughs).”

This article was first published in Her World Online.