Why it's important to clean your gua sha tools

Why it's important to clean your gua sha tools
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Just like your makeup brushes and sponges, our gua sha tools can harbour a lot of dirt and bacteria as well. And while it does have a different texture from your usual makeup applicators, a dirty gua sha can do more harm than good to your skin without you knowing it. In fact, it can not only cause breakouts and infections, but the risk is also higher in those with skin inflammation, wounds, and burns.

For the unacquainted, gua sha has been around for hundreds of years and is known for its impressive effects of relieving muscle tension, and neck or back pain. However, in the beauty sphere, the tools are more commonly used to massage the face to reduce swelling and contouring.

Of course, like your other makeup tools, it’s imperative that you form a good habit of cleaning them before and after use. To find out more about how you can clean your tools at home, keep on scrolling.

Clean them right away

Gua sha tools should not only be washed before you use them. In fact, it should be washed right away so you can remove the leftover serums or oils that are on your tools. This is because, the longer the tool sits with facial oils and other products on it, the more likely that an adhesive film will develop on the tool.

Wash it with soap

Much like your brushes, you can easily clean your gua sha tools with some soap and water. To do so, we recommend adding some soap into the palm of your hands and lathering your gua sha tools before rinsing them.

Of course, while doing so, be sure to be careful to not let your tools slide out of your hands, as some of them, especially those made with materials like silver and jade, can be a little slippery when it’s wet.

Spritz some alcohol

If you’re more particular about acne-causing bacteria harbouring your gua sha tools, then it’s best that you spray some alcohol onto your tools after washing it when it’s dry. This way, it helps to disinfect your gua sha and keeps them clean before you use them again.

Wipe it with a damp cloth or brush the ridges with a soft brush

Gua Sha tools are usually made from semiprecious stones like jade and quartz, which are sensitive to heat and require more of a gentle clean. For a more effective clean, we recommend using a damp cloth (soaked in water and soap), to wipe the tools.

Alternatively, for tools that have prongs like a comb, you can clean the ridges with a soft toothbrush (or any brush with soft bristles) dipped in a mixture of soap and water.

Dry it with a paper towel

After you have cleansed your tools, the last thing you would want to do is to store them right away when it’s still wet.

To dry them, wipe them with a paper towel and place them on top of a new piece, so it’s completely dry. This prevents bacteria from harbouring on the tool and it keeps it clean before your next use.

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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