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Womanizer Premium Eco review: Is this sex toy worth $280?

Womanizer Premium Eco review: Is this sex toy worth $280?
PHOTO: Geek Culture

Sex toys. We love it, but there is no denying there is some embarrassment or even shame in using it, which explains why it’s locked in a drawer somewhere, or hidden under clothes in our wardrobe. 

But why? 

Sexual health and personal needs are as important as our emotional and mental needs, and while one’s feelings of loneliness can be elevated with the attempts to spend time with good friends and family, there are some things we prefer to do on our own, like say, scratching a certain itch. 

Naturally, how you like it done depends on what gets you off – some people like to flick the bean, or churn some butter on their own, whilst others like using rings, pumps, and other products for pleasure.

For females, there are a number of sex toys on the market – wands, dildos, rabbits, vibrators and the list goes on, but the one that caught our eye this year is the Womanizer Premium Eco.


For those exploring things for the first time, Womanizer is a manufacturer of premium intimate products, and they’ve been the kings of their pleasure castle for quite a while, and have been dubbed the creators of some of the best vibrators and stimulators in the market.

Their latest is the Womanizer Eco Premium Pro and after taking it for several spins, we can see why this clit stimulator is worth the dollars, oohs and the ahhs. 

The what size? Womanizer Premium Eco comes in a pretty shade of rose pink and features a modular design that allows you to easily reassemble the toy if need be. Right out of the box, the Premium Eco comes assembled with a small stimulation cap attached.

The stimulation cap can be switched out for other sizes that fit your body best and even then it’s as easy as plucking the current cap off and fitting a more appropriate sized cap in place of it. The final product has elegant ergonomic curves that makes holding onto it convenient and easy.

The Premium is also an eco-friendly toy. Made out of biolene, a special kind of plastic that is completely recyclable, Womanizer takes the eco-friendliness of the Premium to the next level with an old cardboard box packaging, a toy pouch made out of 100 per cent organic cotton and a USB charging cord made out of raw materials. 

If this is your first time using a clit stimulator, using the Premium is a pretty easy and intuitive process. All you have to do is gently cup the toy’s cap around you and switch it on by clicking on the ‘plus’ sign button for two seconds and let it do it’s magic. To switch it off, hold on the ‘minus’ sign button for two seconds too. 

The Premium uses air pulse technology that creates gentle sucking sensations to stimulate your clitoris without even touching it directly by blowing air and high pressurised airwaves onto you.

The toy comes in 12 different speeds that generate  more and more sensation with each increased level, and increasing or decreasing the level is as easy as clicking on the ‘plus’ or ‘minus’ buttons.

Both come with raised impressions, which means you can technically feel your way to a preferred sensation, without stopping to check the handheld directly.


To easily describe how it feels like, the Premium mimics the sensations of cunninglingus / oral sex with a partner, except with more control and consistency since you get to decide how you’d like to be pleasured, so from gentle to quivering orgasms, the choice is yours.

In our experience, we find that gradually increasing the levels to the maximum intensity allowed for a more satisfying orgasm. Whilst it’s more fun to use sex toys with partners, the Premium is definitely one of those toys that are best used for solo masturbation and relaxation rather than a best friend to your partner. 

The air pulse technology used in the Premium is gentle and effective. Unlike some sex toys that overstimulate and tire you out, the Premium doesn’t make you sore and allows you to go for as many rounds as you wish. 

Speaking of other sex toys, the Premium does emit low humming sounds when in use. The sound of intense vibration is a nasty reputation that come with many female sex toys and the Premium is no stranger.

However, the Premium has a new feature called ‘Smart Silence’ that it remains quiet and doesn’t get to work until it comes into contact with your skin. It isn’t entirely silent, but the Premium Eco is one of the quietest sex toys we’ve tried.

To activate and deactivate Smart Silence, all you have to do is hold both the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons together. 

Cleaning and maintaining the Premium Eco is a dream, reason being it’s one of the easiest to clean. All you have to do is remove the cap and wash it under water with your choice of antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. If the handle gets dirty, you can use a damp cloth and wipe it down with a toy cleaner.

The Premium Eco isn’t waterproof, so never submerge this under water or use it in the shower.

That said, with how easy and wonderful the Premium Eco is, there are some downsides to it. For starters, the battery life of the Premium Eco isn’t very long lasting. On a good day, the Premium Eco can last up to two to three hours before needing to be charged again.


This isn’t something you can whip out of the drawer when you feel the need for it so you will have to think and plan when you want to use it, and remember when you last used it, and for how long. It’s not the most convenient sex toy you can think of, no matter how much you enjoy using it. 

Apart from a short battery life, the Premium Eco takes a very long time to charge as well. Once it’s flat, you’ll have to wait for an average of three hours for it to start up and work its magic again. again – there’s nothing more disappointing than waiting for a car to get its engine up and running when you have burning desires to Fast and Furious it. 

For $280, the Premium Eco is definitely on the pricier side and while  some cannot justify spending so much on a personal toys, this is an investment in your personal well being and ensuring that you’re taking care of yourself.

It’s that home appliance that you bought, the big screen TV you splurged on and that new desktop that will serve you for the next few years – the Premium Eco worth the expenditure when you think of the instant pleasure it can bring you, that it can last your through a number of years, is clean and hygienic and when it comes to the end of its journey with you, it can be disassembled and fully recyclable. 


In all, the Womanizer Premium Eco is a wonderful sex toy to keep in your bedside drawer. The air pulsing and sucking technology presents an experience that is unparalleled to wands or vibrators.

It is a far much better, gentle and easier way to get an orgasm, but it’s not the most time-efficient and convenient unless you have it charging and ready to go when you need it.

If you’re patient, love the pleasure that comes from receiving oral sex and care for the environment, the Womanizer Premium Eco is where it’s at. Plus, it’s additional ‘Smart Silence’ function is definitely a winning function that puts it at the forefront of the rest. 

Geek review score


The Womanizer Premium Eco is the next sex toy you need by your bedstand. Lightweight, intense and quiet – this is something that will 100per cent give you a good time.



Aesthetics - 8/10

Build Quality - 8/10

Performance - 9/10

Geek Satisfaction - 9/10


This article was first published in Geek Culture.

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