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'They didn't believe that 3 men could develop a beauty camera': 5 more entrepreneurs from Shanghai who turned their passions into reality

'They didn't believe that 3 men could develop a beauty camera': 5 more entrepreneurs from Shanghai who turned their passions into reality
PHOTO: Yicai

Many people fantasise about turning a passion into a business, but this is something easier said than done.

Yong Liu 2020 is a series based on the cultural creative industry in Shanghai which shows that it is possible for that dream to become a reality. Here, five different individuals from varying backgrounds share the story behind their businesses and the inspirations behind them.

Making games come alive


Ever wanted to hop into a video game that you were playing and experience everything in real-time? You can have a similar experience with these immersive games by the company Mr X.

While one may think of them as just another escape room-style game, co-founder Zhang Han explains that a good one takes around a year to be developed.

Design templates for every occasion


Pikabest was founded in 2016 and started with just four people, including co-founder Yanke, but now, they have over 300,000 designers on board.

Their high-quality design templates are used by over 120 million people and they also have corporate fans in Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi.

A beauty camera designed by 3 men


"They didn't believe that three men could develop a beauty camera which caters to the female market," says Wu Hao, founder of Wuta Camera.

The beauty app, which has over 300 million users, utilises artificial intelligence to help women be more confident in their photos. To continuously improve and learn, the folks behind the platform go the extra mile by getting feedback from users, comparing thousands of photos and even taking makeup lessons!

Animation with an impact


When the animation Scissors Seven was first produced, no one was keen to broadcast the show as people thought that its audience was too niche. So its producer, Zhou Shasha, offered to air the first season for free to prove that the show would be a hit.

Today, the show is available in over 190 countries and regions globally and has been shortlisted for the Shanghai Magnolia Award twice, proving that with perseverance, dreams can come true.

Woodcrafting for white-collar craftsmen


You don't have to be a carpenter to create things from wood.

Founded by Yu Tao, Wood Water World Club is an organisation for white-collar craftsmen who want to try their hand at making furniture or simple renovations using both Western and Chinese tools.

Woodcrafting isn't just for men — surprisingly, half the members are women!

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