You can now jio your Muslim friends for yum cha sessions at these halal-certified dim sum spots in Singapore

You can now jio your Muslim friends for yum cha sessions at these halal-certified dim sum spots in Singapore
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We haven't really met anyone who dislikes dim sum. There's just something very satisfying about a dim sum meal - the sheer variety available and the excitement of uncovering those bamboo baskets to reveal the delectable treats that lie inside.

There's only one downside: most dim sum places aren't suitable for our Muslim friends. Well, we aren't the only ones who feel that way, which might explain the numerous halal-certified dim sum eateries that have been popping up around Singapore over the past few years.

Here's where you can bring your friends, both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, to partake in yum cha sessions.

Kampung Amin

Tucked away at 219 Jalan Besar, this Muslim-owned restaurant, which opened its doors in October, has a menu with a wide range of Chinese dishes to choose from.

Find a mix of Hong Kong-style dim sum and local dishes here. Think Har Kaw, Chee Cheong Fun and Barbecue Chicken Bao, as well as fried carrot cake and char kway teow, with a greater variety of dishes available for dinner.

The establishment also has weekly specials so remember to check with the staff before you place an order.

Prices range from $3 to $8.50.

Address: 219 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208900

89.7 Supper Club

If you're hankering for dim sum at an odd, ungodly hour, this 24-hour halal-certified hawker centre can help you satisfy those cravings.


The dim sum selection here is pretty extensive and easy on the pocket too. You'll find the usual dim sum mainstays like Har Kaw and Siew Mai, as well as more interesting dishes such as Thai-style Steamed Beancurd Roll and Coffee Pau.

And you have two outlets that you can head to when the cravings hit — one at Geylang East and one at Changi Village.

Prices range from $1.50 to $3.20.

Address: 1016 Geylang East Ave 3, #01-165, Singapore 389731 and 27 Changi Village Rd, Singapore 509925

Enak Enak Hong Kong Teahouse

Halal-certified Enak Enak Hong Kong Teahouse has been serving handmade halal dim sum since 2015, with two outlets at East Coast and Simpang Bedok.

Some of their more unusual offerings are Shanghai Steamed Dumpling with Chilli Crab and Steamed Beancurd Rolls Thai Style, but what really makes this a good spot for big groups (once Covid-19 restrictions are over) is the extensive menu of other types of cuisines.

Chinese, Indian and Mediterranean dishes are also on the menu, perfect in the event your dining companions might fancy more than just dim sum for their meal.

Prefer to dine at home? Order delivery from their website or via the usual delivery platforms.

Prices range from $2.60 to $6.30.

Address: 1202 East Coast Park, Singapore 449881 and 340 Bedok Road, Singapore 469520

Streats Hong Kong Cafe

With 10 outlets scattered across Singapore, the halal-certified chain restaurant is one of the more accessible dim sum eateries on this list.

While there admittedly aren't that many options on the dim sum menu, they do have classics like Steamed Chicken Siew Mai and Steamed BBQ Chicken Buns. Fans of oozy custard buns will also be glad to know that they have that here too. Definitely worth considering in a pinch if you are located near one of their outlets or for delivery on their website.

Prices range from $3.20 to $4.20.

Located islandwide. View all their outlets here.

Tang Teahouse

With 38 different dim sum options, you are bound to find something you'll like here at Tang Teahouse. It goes without saying that you'll be able to find Har Kow and a variety of paus here,

However, if you are looking for the more unusual yet delicious sounding items, try the Lobster Siew Mai, Butter Sotong with Shrimp Balls and Tricolour Crystal Dumplings.

They have outlets at Bedok, Jalan Kayu, Jurong West and Changi. If you prefer to have your dim sum delivered, order on their website.

Prices range from $2.80 to $8.90.

Located at four locations islandwide. View other outlets here.

The Dim Sum Place

For innovative dim sum creations, you might want to head to The Dim Sum Place. Established in 2017, it's a popular family haunt.

Their unconventional options include Diced Chicken Salted Fish Dumplings, Baked Buns with Roasted Duck Filling and Deep-Fried Siew Mai.

They also offer free islandwide delivery so you can enjoy their dim sum from the comfort of your home.

Prices range from $3.90 to $10.90.

Address: 791 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198759 

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