You can now snack on Ah Lian and Ah Huey: Instagram shop launches chocolate-dipped potato chips with interesting names

PHOTO: Instagram/Atas Leh

Anything with even a tinge of Singlish in it is sure to catch the attention of any Singaporean, so you bet we were intrigued when we heard that there were snacks on the market with names like Ah Lian and Ah Huey.

The Instagram-based store selling these is also fittingly called Atas Leh.

Atas Leh, which made its Instagram debut on January 12, hawks snacks that are on the fancier side, so don't expect your usual barbeque or sour cream flavoured chips. Instead, they have three unique flavours on sale.

Ah Huey Choco Potato Chips ($10) feature ridged potato chips that are coated in chocolate, resembling those sold by Japanese brand Royce' Chocolate.

A more interesting option that we can foresee being popular amongst spicy food lovers is the Ah Lian Mala Choco Chips ($10). The bizarre-sounding snack is true to its name - the same ridged potato chips coated in melted chocolate with the addition of Sichuan peppercorns.

Another option that is sure to pack a punch is Sabo King, which are wasabi-flavoured ridged chips.

The brains behind the brand are hawker Anon Foo and his partner, Rykiel Sim. Apart from Atas Leh, Anon has other business ventures like his family's barbecued chicken wing chain, Huat Huat, and nasi lemak hawker chain Shio.

When asked why he decided to set up Atas Leh, he told 8Days that he wanted to create "something that shouts Singapore". That explains the localised names that us Singaporeans can relate to.

If you plan to grab a bag or two of these unique chips for your Lunar New Year celebrations (or just for yourself), you can order it from their Instagram page.