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'You don't have to spend a fortune': Danish tourists shocked by how affordable it can be to explore Singapore

'You don't have to spend a fortune': Danish tourists shocked by how affordable it can be to explore Singapore
PHOTO: YouTube/Adam Karlsen

We all know how expensive Singapore can be, but it doesn't mean there aren't affordable ways to explore it. 

Sally and Adam found that out firsthand during a recent trip, which they documented in a YouTube video on Tuesday (Dec 12).  

The couple, who are travel content creators from Denmark, are aware that our little red dot can be quite pricey to live in. 

"Welcome to Singapore, one of the most expensive countries in the world," Adam said at the start of the video. 

"But you don't have to spend a fortune to actually visit this place. It can be quite affordable, and if anything, it's definitely worth it." 

For this trip, the couple set a budget of $100 per day for the both of them, including accommodation.

And they almost made it work. 

Their biggest expense — accommodation

The priciest thing the couple had to fork out money for was their hotel. 

They managed to find a budget one at Little India that cost just $70 per night. 

However, they got what they paid for as the room wasn't in the most amazing condition. 

The bathroom featured all the basic amenities one would need like a sink, toilet bowl and shower. 

But there was no separation between the shower area and toilet bowl, so the entire bathroom got wet easily. 

"The ventilation is also pretty horrible," Adam added. 

The couple weren't too pleased with the beds either. 

"This is probably the worst bed I have ever slept on. I don't even think we can call it a bed, it's more like a leather couch," said Adam, as Sally flipped over the bedsheets to reveal the hard, leathery mattress beneath. 

Apart from those, the walls were also paper thin, so Sally and Adam could hear what their neighbours were doing. 

Despite these, the couple were grateful that the room came with air-conditioning and a small window. 

"If you really want to visit Singapore on a budget, staying in a place like this is fine and for us, this is perfectly fine for a few days. We've stayed in places that were a lot worse than this," said Adam. 

Hawker food, orange juice and a little window shopping 

For breakfast, Adam and Sally headed to the nearby Tekka Centre and got some banana prata and roti john. 

The total cost for both of them was just $8. 

"It's definitely a lot cheaper to eat in these food markets or hawker centres than in most restaurants, especially around the touristy areas," remarked Adam. 

After a satisfying and spicy breakfast, the couple explored Haji Lane, Arab Street and Clarke Quay. 

In the midst of this, they found a vending machine selling fresh orange juice for $2.

After which, they made their way to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands to get some respite from the sweltering Singapore heat. 

"It's a pretty gorgeous mall but just filled with the most expensive stores in the world.

"I don't really like shopping or malls but even for me, this was a pretty cool place, mainly because it's just so over the top," said Adam as he pointed out the iconic gondola canal ride. 

While everything was too pricey to fit into the couple's budget, they managed to enjoy some window shopping for free. 

When they exited the mall to explore the outside of it, they chanced upon yet another orange juice vending machine. 

However, the drinks here were priced at $3 instead of $2. 

"What! Here, it's more expensive than all the other places!" Adam pointed out. 

"That's pretty evil. They're ripping us off just because we're in this expensive area." 

But they still bought a cup anyway. 

After hours of exploring the city, the couple found themselves at Lau Pa Sat, where they decided to get a snack. 

"This [food centre] seems a lot more touristy and fancy, a little bit more expensive. But it looks really nice," Adam observed. 

Here, they got two doughnuts for $5. 

"This has got to be the smallest doughnut I've ever seen," remarked Adam. 

To get more food, they made their way to Chinatown. 

En route, they admired how the towering skyscrapers at Central Business District (CBD) were different from the small colonial shophouses along Chinatown. 

"This contrast and the way Singapore blends all different kinds of cultures and architecture is really awesome, and for a budget traveller, it's fantastic as it means that the free activity of just walking around the city is extremely enjoyable," said Adam. 

Adam and Sally had their dinner at Maxwell Food Centre and ordered a bowl of dumpling noodles and braised pork rib noodles for a total $9.50. 

"The portions are actually kind of huge," said Adam. 

An activity that was supposed to be free 

After a filling dinner, the couple headed over to Gardens by the Bay, which Adam described as "one of the most famous sites in Singapore". 

They had wanted to watch the Supertree Grove Garden Rhapsody music and light show, and heard that it was free. 

However, they went during the Christmas Wonderland event and ended up having to fork out money for the tickets. 

"What caught us a bit by surprise was that we actually had to pay $12 per person to get in," said Adam.

"What we had read was that it was basically free to get in and watch the light show and walk around the park." 

Because of this, the couple went slightly above their $100 daily budget.

Had they managed to get into the Supertree Grove for free, they would have spent a total of $97.50 for that day. 

Nonetheless, the couple really enjoyed their time in Singapore and were pleased that they managed to do so many things with such a tight budget. 

"One thing I did know before coming here was that Singapore is really, really expensive, and we did see that," shared Adam. 

"But at the same time, we managed to not spend that much money, around $100 per day for two people. And I think that's pretty good value in a place like this." 

So, is Singapore a good destination for budget travellers? Adam thinks so. 

"Even if you're travelling a bit on a budget like we are, it's definitely worth coming to Singapore," he concluded. 

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