Your foot shape can reveal your personality — which one are you?

Your foot shape can reveal your personality — which one are you?
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Your face says a lot about who you are as a person. The way you talk, they way you look at people and objects, and even the way you react to situations, there’s so much that your face gives away, without you realising it. 

For instance, a wider face may mean you are a better fighter, as this 2013 study suggests. Similarly, a 2012 study suggests that academically inclined individuals tend to pose for pictures with their right cheek forward, while the creative kind prefers their left cheek.

However, it would be easier to say that your face is potentially your body’s most emotive part.

But did you know that the shape of your foot can also convey a lot about your personality? No matter whether you have a stretched foot or an Egyptian foot, its shape can reveal a lot more than just the types of shoes that suit you.

 Yes, that’s actually a thing and there are different types of feet that convey different things about people. 

Here are the five most common types of feet that can reveal your personality, candidly.

1. Egyptian foot shape personality: The privacy lover

People with an Egyptian foot shape have a longer first toe, and the rest are in proportion but shorter.

Personality trait: These people usually give high priority to privacy. You can also find them exhibiting impulsive and rebellious behaviour. They love to daydream and you may find that most of them tend to escape from reality. 

They love to live in their own world and emotions often overrule their thoughts. Be careful, people with Egyptian foot shape can be quite moody and love to always be pampered. 

2. Roman foot personality: The social animal

People with Roman feet shape have their first three toe fingers longer than the other two. 

Personality trait: While the Egyptian foot shape personality yearns for privacy, Roman foot people are social animals.

They love to meet new people and discover new cultures. Hence, you will find that many travellers actually have such feet. They usually have a well-balanced life along with a proportionate body. 

The negative trait about their personality is that they are highly arrogant people and are known to be overconfident. 

3. Greek foot personality: The creative one

People with Greek feet shape have a longer second toe. In fact, it is the longest toe on the foot.  

Personality traits: If you have a Greek foot shape, you are creative, sporty, and quite active. You are known to always bring fresh ideas to the table. Your enthusiasm is highly contagious and it motivates people around you. 

The drawback of people with such a personality is that they have tendency to suffer from excessive stress. Individuals with this personality often struggle to make a decision and this is because of their impulsive nature and habit of taking undue stress. They can also be very dominating. 

4. The square foot personality: The decision maker 

If you have a square foot, then the length of the toes including the first or the big toe is almost the same. Thus giving it a rectangular shape. It can also be called a Peasant’s Foot.

Personality traits

Those who have a square foot can be very analytical. They love to check out all the facets of everything and anything. The best part about their personality is they are quite secure about themselves.

Since they like to weigh in on every decision – both the pros and the cons, they end up making great decisions. You can easily rely on those square-toed friends as they are practical and trustworthy. 

5. The stretched foot personality: The fiercely confident one

If you have a stretched foot, the big toe will be very far from the rest of the toes. There will be a considerable amount of gap between them. 

Personality traits: Similar to Egyptian foot shape personality, this foot shape people also love their privacy and have hidden depths. They are socially confident and can be quite fierce. As a result, they may often engage in fights and arguments without any reason. 

They can be quite impulsive and don’t like to be limited by any boundaries. 

Now, in addition to these, there are also some other interesting things your feet can reveal about your personality. For instance, people with small feet love to have hectic jobs. On the other hand, those with larger feet have the greatest zeal to succeed.

Your crooked toes is actually a sign of surrender and a callus on the little toe reveals burden and responsibilities. Your big toe symbolises rationality and the high arch at the bottom of the feet reveals the stubbornness of the person. 

So, which one are you? 

This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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