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Is your mum a foodie? Surprise her with an edible char siew necklace this Mother's Day

Is your mum a foodie? Surprise her with an edible char siew necklace this Mother's Day
PHOTO: Instagram/char.seal

Is your mum a foodie who loves herself a sinful plate of char siew rice? Then this unique gift idea from homegrown brand Char Seal will be right up her alley.


Just for Mother's Day, the home-based business has created a one-of-a-kind and tasty necklace that will definitely make heads turn. Savour these beautifully caramelised char siew chunks – individually wrapped in pieces of plastic and strung onto a silver chain. Yes, it is edible. 

While it undoubtedly isn't an accessory that your mum can store for long in her jewellery box, it's still an eye-catching piece that she can temporarily flaunt on her special day.

The only catch is that the necklace is not for sale and one can only get their hands on it if they were to order $120 worth of food from Char Seal. It does seem like a lot of char siew but if you're sharing it with the family, it's quite a good deal – especially if it makes mum happy.

Apart from char siew servings that are available for various group sizes, the local brand also has rice bowl options like Sour Plum Char Siew Don, Garlic Char Siew Don and even Wasabi Char Siew Don.

You can either collect the food from Telok Blangah or opt for islandwide delivery for a small fee. More information is available in their Google forms ordering sheet.

Do note that this is on a preorder basis so place your orders early to avoid disappointment. 

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This doesn't seem to be the first time that Char Seal has come up with a creative gift idea and previously, they also sold char siew rice birthday cakes and char siew bouquets for Valentine's Day. 

Char Seal is run by home-based cook Ashley who goes by the moniker Ashley Mama. On Instagram, she describes herself as a mother of three with a passion for all things char siew.


She occasionally posts pictures of her adorable children on Char Seal's Instagram account so if you're a fan of kids and char siew, it's worth checking her out.

It seems like Char Seal is Ashley's passion project as she also mentioned that she actually works in the financial industry — it's pretty amazing how she's juggling so many things at once!

So, this Mother's Day, why not support a local mama and her side hustle while your mum gets to enjoy some good char siew? 

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