Is yusheng a salad? British woman teases Singaporean boyfriend and divides netizens with her take on the CNY dish

PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Larabellamyers

Yusheng is a common Chinese New Year dish and the tossing of it ushers in prosperity and abundance.

But one British-Italian woman, Larabella Myers, shared a slightly different take on the dish recently, triggering some netizens and amusing others. 

On Tuesday (Feb 15), Larabella posted a TikTok video of herself guzzling a mouthful of yusheng, straight from the platter.

The 15-second video, which was captioned "just having my salad for lunch", has since amassed over 76,000 views.

"I thought £10 (S$18.24) salads in London were expensive," Larabella said, in reference to the typically steep price of a yusheng platter.

In the video, she was seen going through the myriad of ingredients in front of her.

Despite her best efforts, it's safe to say that Larabella might have gotten some guesses wrong.

While she was spot on with carrots and radishes, we're not sure if croutons are in too many yusheng platters.

Larabella also identified a piece of bak kwa as a sausage, much to the chagrin of her Singaporean boyfriend.

"Did you just call it sausage?" he asked.


In the video's comments section, netizens had differing views about Larabella's take on yusheng.

While some had some trouble grappling with the concept of yusheng as a salad, others felt that she does have a point.


If you're tempted to grab a yusheng platter in place of a salad though, be warned — a 387g serving of the festive dish is over 500 calories

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