Caught on CCTV: Man using Singapore credit card pockets $460 spectacle frame at Melaka store

[UPDATE, Dec 20]:

In a Facebook post yesterday Thursday (Dec 19), the owner of the shop where a man pocketed a pair of expensive spectacle frames wrote that the perpetrator has paid for the frames via a bank transfer.

However, he added that as the bank would require three days to process the transaction, he'd only be deleting the post upon receiving the amount, said to total $460. 

PHOTO: Screengrab from Facebook

A day earlier, the owner, Nick, wrote that the man from Singapore had contacted him and apologised for the incident. The man added that he would pay for the frames, and pleaded for the video to be taken down, which Nick eventually did.

Pending the transfer of the amount, Nick wrote in his latest post: "I consider this case officially closed."

A man was caught on camera pocketing an expensive spectacle frame from a shop in Melaka, Malaysia, on Tuesday afternoon (Dec 17).

Stomp contributor Nick, a Malaysian who owns the Young Look Vision store at Mahkota Parade shopping mall, said the incident occurred at around 12.30pm.

Nick said: "This man bought a RM120 (S$40) frame but took a RM1400 frame.

"He used a Singapore UOB credit card to pay for his purchase.

"I checked with UOB but all they could say was that the card owner is Singaporean and that they are unable to share other details.

"The man also left a Singaporean phone number and IC number in his invoice. However, the phone number belonged to someone else when I called it, so I'm not sure if the IC number is even real."

In CCTV footage that Nick shared with Stomp, the man can be seen handing over his credit card to shop staff before continuing to browse spectacle frames in the store.

At one point, he picks up a spectacle frame from the display counter, inspects it for several moments and then places it in his pocket.

Nick, who was not in the store when the incident occurred, said that the stolen frame was handmade and imported from Japan.

Although the Stomp contributor has not made a police report, he has shared the incident on Facebook.

Nick told Stomp: "I only realised that the Japanese frame was gone when I returned to the shop.

"I don't want to make a report yet as Chinese New Year is almost here and I don't want him celebrating it inside jail.

"I hope he sees this and returns the frame to me or pay for it, or I will report it to the police.

"Enjoy your holiday in Melaka."