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DIY wheelchair: Malaysian father makes special mobility device for son

DIY wheelchair: Malaysian father makes special mobility device for son
Mohd Noor Syazwan Ab Patar created a special wheelchair for his son Muhammad Qhalish Mohd Noor Syazwan.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Berita Harian Online

He couldn't bear to see his son unable to move around like other children, so he made him a wheelchair.

Malaysian mechanical engineer Mohd Noor Syazwan Ab Patar, 36, found the idea to create a special wheelchair for his 19-month-old son Muhammad Qhalish Mohd Noor Syazwan after searching the internet for children with the same condition.

The boy suffers from spina bifida, which causes nerve disorders and paralyses from the waist down.

"Qhalish has three cousins who are almost the same age. When they play together, his movement is limited even though he's a lively and active person," Syazwan's 36-year-old wife Nur Faradila Ahmad Tarmizi told Malaysian media New Straits Times.

"To give Qhalish encouragement and support so that he doesn't feel ostracised, my husband started studying to create a wheelchair."

They shared that the materials used for the mobility device were large-sized meat cutting boards, a special chair for children, bicycle tires, bearings and spans. The total cost amounted to RM700 (S$200).

After uploading videos of Qhalish using the wheelchair, Faradila said that several people were interested in ordering the device from them.

"They also left comments saying that they were amazed at how positive we are, in addition to being brave to highlight Qhalish's situation on social media. This also gave inspiration to other parents who have special children," she said.

Qhalish underwent surgery a few days ago to correct the bones that are blocking the nerves on his back.

"Hopefully with this surgery his lower body can function since he's still young and the chances of recovery are very high. Pray for us," said Faradila.



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