Family of 5 travels on motorcycle in Malaysia, traffic police gives them a lift home

PHOTO: Facebook screengrab

A family travelling on a motorcycle in Selangor, Malaysia was recently pulled over by traffic police, but not for traffic offences.

A couple, together with their three young children, were travelling along the Guthrie Corridor Expressway on June 14 morning when they caught the eye of traffic police.

The officers then stopped the motorists and invited the mum and her kids to get on the police car for a ride home.

It turned out that the police were concerned about the family's safety as the children were aged three and below - one of them being a newborn baby.

With his wife and children buckled up in the police car, the motorcyclist continued on his way home.

After escorting the family back to their house, the traffic police officers went on to perform their duties.

When the act of kindness was circulated on Facebook, thousands of users commended the police officers.

Some users praised them for empathising with the motorists and helping to get them home safely, instead of just issuing the family a ticket for multiple pillion riders and riding without helmets.

Others, however, wondered if the family would continue to travel in this dangerous manner in the future.

Their worries are not unfounded, as motorcyclists are reported to form the bulk of fatalities in Malaysia's road accidents.

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