Helper attempts to smuggle thousands of dollars in drink cartons, gets exposed before flight home

PHOTO: Facebook/許詠强

This helper deserves a prize for her creativity... but it would probably not be a cash prize.

Videos of the domestic helper getting interrogated by her employers after she hid thousands of dollars in drink cartons that she had customised went viral after they were posted on Facebook last week.

The three-part video exposing this incident was filmed by one of her Malaysian employers Xu Yong Qiang just before the helper's flight back to her home country on March 2.

In the first video, the worker is seen kneeling on the floor with her packed bags and two (suspicious) drink cartons in front of her.

When told to open the packets, she feigns ignorance, tries to do it the usual way, and refuses to divulge what is really in it.

Sick of the helper's ways, her other employer decides to take matters into her own hands.

Upon cutting up the packets, neatly-rolled banknotes that were pulled out quickly filled the floor in front of them.

"Is this not enough? I've given you so many opportunities to reveal your crimes, but you have never been honest with me," said the employer.

In the final video, the helper stares at the wads of cash on the floor without saying a word. Some of the banknotes include Singapore's $1,000 bills and 100 yuan bills.

The female employer then exclaimed, "Look! This is my helper-thief! She even said that God helped her by teaching her how to steal," adding that these videos were filmed as a precaution for their friends with helpers.

According to Chinese media, the duo got suspicious of the helper when she insisted on bringing the drink cartons on the flight back home with her.

They are not ruling out reporting her to the police.

"I had found [her stealing our money] previously, but she wouldn't admit," said the employer, adding that she believes that the red packet [for her son] containing 6,000 ringgit had been swapped for a 10-ringgit one this past Chinese New Year.