Malaysian cancer survivor dies days after wisdom tooth extraction

PHOTO: China Press

She may have beaten cancer, but a Malaysian woman died days after getting her wisdom tooth extracted.

The 42-year-old from Kedah had undergone the dental procedure at a public hospital on July 15.

Her husband, surnamed Liao, told China Press that her wounds continued to bleed following the extraction.

When she woke up the next day and found her pillow stained with blood, Mrs Liao went to a nearby clinic for help with the bleeding. Her wound bled less after she was given medicine.

Although the bleeding situation got better, several bruises started to show up on her legs. The following day, she suffered from headaches and vomited dark-coloured fluid.

Her family rushed her to the hospital where she received treatment in a ward for the critically ill. She fell into a coma later that afternoon and died hours later on July 21.

Shocked by her sudden passing, Mrs Liao's family asserted that they were unsatisfied with the cause of death -- thymoma and intraparenchymal bleeding -- declared by the hospital.

The family couldn't understand why cancer was listed as the cause of death, especially since she was given the all-clear in 2017 after undergoing chemotherapy for thymoma.

Her family is now alleging that medical negligence may have led to her passing.

"Before the tooth extraction, I repeatedly asked the doctor if her medical history would affect the procedure," said Mr Liao.

"I was told that it would not be a problem — just that it would take longer for her to recover after the extraction."

He also raised questions on whether her wounds were properly stitched after the tooth extraction.

When she was receiving treatment in the emergency department, Mr Liao said he noticed two dentists stitching up the wound in her mouth.

The family of the deceased is currently hoping that the health ministry will look into the incident. A Kedah health official has yet to respond to media enquires.