Malaysian DJ Leng Yein posts photos of bloodied self on FB, accuses ex-boyfriend of abuse over past 2 years

PHOTO: Facebook/Leng Yein

On Friday (March 23), celebrity DJ Leng Yein uploaded a distressing post on her Facebook page, accusing her ex-boyfriend of abuse that had spanned the last two years.

Photos showing blood on Leng Yein's face, hands, legs, as well as hair matted with blood were also posted.

In her recount, the DJ said that she had kept quiet about the ongoing abuse for the last two years, but she finally had enough.

She alleged that her boyfriend had ties to the police and judiciary system, but she was not afraid of the exposing the truth, adding:

"Domestic violence is not right."

To make matters worse, Leng Yein said she had an operation just nine hours before the incident.

According to her post on Instagram Stories, Leng Yein had developed an infection in her lymph nodes after eating seafood in Taiwan earlier this month.

The infection subsequently spread to her left breast, and the area became filled with pus.

As a result, she had to undergo surgery.

Photo: Instagram/lengyein

Her post continued:

"You left me yesterday morning before I went for my morning operation, and said you wanted to move out and go home.

"I just came out from (the) emergency operation room for nine hours and reached Malaysia this morning,

"You just couldn't leave me alone.

"Two years, you have been lent and I kept so quietly because I didn't want people to laugh at me."

In her post, Leng Yein revealed that she had broken up with her partner, citing:

"We broke up yesterday before my surgery.

"You said you wanted to move home and said I treat you like a dog.

"You also said I wasn't understanding and I'm a bad girlfriend.

"You have repeated this for one year plus now."

Leng Yein also depicted a scenario where her ex-boyfriend dominated their interactions, often turning nasty if he could not get his way, even going as far as threatening to kill her and her sister.

She also said that he would start throwing things, breaking items, and beat her up each time she told him not to overreact.

Leng Yein then confessed her heartbreak, saying that she thought that he 'got better'.

Unfortunately, things did not change, and she is now determined to return to her life before he came and started 'wrecking it'.

She also insisted that it was the last straw, recounting previous instances where he had 'manipulated' and found his way back to her.

The post comes mere hours prior to several other distressing posts and a Facebook Live video.

The previous two posts simply read 'Help me' and "He locked my wi-fi, help me".

In the video, Leng Yein can be heard shouting for someone to leave her apartment.

She then makes a call to a friend asking for her to come down, before recording herself live.

In her recount, she says that she has just returned to Malaysia following a surgery, and has locked herself in a room.

She adds that her boyfriend has snatched the key and is trying to enter the apartment.

Leng Yein reveals that she has been under constant abuse by her boyfriend and she 'doesn't want to die just after a life-changing ordeal'.

She also professes that she has never done anything that did not prioritise her boyfriend.

Shortly after, Leng Yein and her ex-boyfriend start arguing.

The verbal span continues, with the man saying that he is not leaving because he has items left in the house while Leng Yein retorts that he could have moved them out the day before.

The two continue to accuse each other of inflicting bodily harm on each other.

At this point, Leng Yein goes to the door, seemingly to prevent the ex-boyfriend from coming in.

The video is then cut off abruptly.

Leng Yein's post comes after almost two years after the two first got together in 2016.

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