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Malaysian driver makes passengers walk in the rain over low fare

Malaysian driver makes passengers walk in the rain over low fare

A ride-hailing driver in Malaysia allegedly made a u-turn and left his passengers out in the rain, both physically and figuratively.

His reason for doing so? He was unhappy about the trip fare.

The passenger later aired her grievances about the entire ordeal in a series of tweets on Sunday (Dec 15), one of which had gotten over 4,000 retweets at the time of writing.

She had booked a trip through MyCar, a ride-hailing service in Malaysia that aims to provide passengers with more affordable rides.

In her tweet, she detailed how it had been raining heavily while she waited at the pickup point with a friend. Though the mobile app showed that the driver had arrived, he was nowhere to be seen.

It turned out the driver had stopped at a bus stop a good distance away. Not wanting to cause trouble for him, the two braved the rain and made their way towards the car.

Neither of them had expected the driver to blow up and cuss at the two of them.


When questioned why he didn't stop at the designated pickup point, he went on a tirade about how passengers shouldn't demand so much when they paid so little for the trip.

Though dumbfounded, the pair tried to explain that they weren't the ones who set the fare.

Their attempt, however, did nothing to calm the driver down. Instead, he turned the car around and dropped the two back at their original spot.

"6 ringgit (S$2), f*** man, I'm going to let you down. Find another car."

He also allegedly yelled: "Get out la!" before they were kicked to the curb.

It appears that this wasn't an isolated incident. Several other unhappy passengers have recounted similar incidents on MyCar's Facebook page, sharing how they had experienced rude behaviours from drivers.

AsiaOne has reached out to MyCar for comment.

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