Malaysian driver travels over 200km to return wallet to Singaporean Grab passenger

Malaysian driver travels over 200km to return wallet to Singaporean Grab passenger

It's not every day that you find someone who's literally willing to go the distance for you.

One driver in Malaysia, however, drove over 200km from Melaka to Johor just to return a Singaporean's Prada wallet to him.

Carney Mak, 31, had booked a ride through Grab while in Johor on Saturday (Jan 4) when he accidentally left his wallet in the car.

Mak told Chinapress reporters that he didn't realise anything was amiss until dinner time that night when he realised his wallet was missing.

He reported the incident to Grab while on the way back to Singapore.

Not long after he reached Singapore, he received a call from his driver, Sateesh Karuppusamy, explaining that he would keep in contact with Mak through WhatsApp while searching his car.

Fortunately for him, Karuppusamy was able to locate his wallet. However, as it was already close to midnight, the two agreed to meet the next day at 5 pm at a petrol station in Johor Sentral instead.

"After dropping me off, he ferried several other customers but none of them noticed nor pocketed my wallet, I feel so lucky," Mak told the Malaysian publication.

In a thank you post uploaded to JB Tracer, a Facebook group dedicated to traffic updates between Johor and Singapore, Mak revealed the long distance Karuppusamy had travelled just to return his wallet to him.

Not only that, his wallet was returned to him in its original state - not a single cent nor card missing - to which Mak felt immensely grateful for.

"Had to write this long post to express my gratitude to Mr Sateesh Karuppusamy," he wrote. "Keeps me believing in humanity."

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