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Malaysians puzzled by motorcyclist doing silat after car crash

Malaysians puzzled by motorcyclist doing silat after car crash

It's not about how hard you get knocked down, it's how fast you get up. And this motorcyclist certainly recovered in style after wiping out in a car crash — by showing off his silat moves right then and there.

Footage of the accident, which reportedly took place at Kepong, Kuala Lumpur on Jan 6, showed the motorcyclist riding straight into a silver Perodua hatchback, which appeared to have the right of way at the intersection.

Despite being flung off his motorcycle from the impact, he stood back up, seemingly unhurt.

He then sunk into several poses reminiscent of silat, an indigenous Southeast Asian martial art, right in the middle of the busy intersection.

The motorcyclist was so absorbed in flexing some martial arts that he paid no heed to two other motorcyclists who had stopped to assist him and prop up his damaged bike. He also appeared unperturbed that the silver Perodua was driving off without even checking on him.

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His bizarre behaviour left Malaysians scratching their heads and trying to guess just what he was thinking. Their theories ranged from the probable to the impossible and included everything from drug-use to being possessed by a ghost.

Jokes aside, being able to walk away from a car accident — or strike some silat poses — does not mean that you aren't injured.

According to US-based neurosurgeon Ofer M. Zikel, car crash victims may not notice symptoms right away, even if they have suffered from injuries such as concussions.

Some people may also only feel pain after their adrenaline rush has worn off

If you have been involved in a car accident, look out for unusual symptoms including headache, neck pain, nausea or dizziness and seek medical help if needed.

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