'Mama accepts your death, son': Malaysian mother bathes newborn for first and last time

PHOTO: Screengrab from Facebook/Muniey Nurnasuha

Moments after welcoming her newborn son to the world, a heartbroken Malaysian mother bathed him for the first and last time.

In a Facebook post by Muniey Nurnasuha on Wednesday (Nov 10), she wrote in Malay: "Thank you to the relevant parties, I managed to bathe my child for the first and last time."

The accompanying video – with over 192,000 views – showed the grieving mother fighting back her tears as she poured a bucket of water delicately over a lifeless body, while her husband and daughter watched on.

According to Malaysian news outlet Sin Chew Daily, Muniey had delivered her son in a Selangor hospital on Nov 6 evening and not too long after, he died due to a heart condition.

In another social media post shared on Nov 9, the mother wrote: "It was gloomy that day, as if it would rain heavily in the next second. But it didn't until we ended the funeral. [This] mama missed her son."

Urging her to stay strong, netizens in the comments were full of sympathy for Muniey's loss.

"Your child is the chosen one. May you be strong and resilient for your family members." PHOTO: Screengrab from Facebook/Muniey Nurnasuha
"My condolences." PHOTO: Screengrab from Facebook/Muniey Nurnasuha

In another Facebook video shared on Nov 9, it showed the heart-broken mother opening a drawer full of baby clothes and diapers that her beloved son would not be able to wear.

Muniey wrote: "Mama accepts your death, son.

"Mama is just missing you... Forgive mama."