Neighbours shouted for her but there was no answer: 80-year-old Singaporean woman found dead after quarantining alone at home in Johor

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When neighbours called out for 80-year-old Tan Ah Csee who was quarantining alone at home, they became concerned when there was no reply.

The elderly Singaporean woman living alone in Muar was later found to have died while quarantining at home after contracting Covid-19. 

According to Malaysian news media, the octogenarian had moved to the Johor town 27 years ago and lived alone in a rented home in Lorong Serkam.

In a statement, the chief of the Johor Fire and Rescue Department said it had received a call on Friday (Aug 6) at 10.46am from neighbours of Tan, who had tested positive for Covid-19. The fire and rescue team arrived at the home but found that the woman had already died.

He added that neighbours became concerned over the woman’s welfare when their calls to her from outside her home went unanswered. Worried that something may have happened to Tan but yet not daring to step into her home, they decided to call the police.

14 fire and rescue personnel wearing full protective gear arrived soon after and entered her home using tools to pry open the lock.

When contacted by reporters, Johor state assemblyman Gwee Tong Hiang expressed surprise and sadness to learn that Tan had passed. 

Gwee said he had met with Tan just last month. He recalled how the elderly woman had shown him her long-expired Singapore passport and shared that she had moved to Muar in 1994. Gwee added that when they met, he had even promised to deliver some food supplies to her this month.