Passenger soils bus seat, leaves nasty surprise for Malaysian bus driver

PHOTO: Pixabay

Talk about a crappy day at work. 

A Malaysian bus driver had the shock of his life when a passenger left his seat covered in excrement. 

Speaking to local media, Bus driver Mohd Huzaidi Husain shared that he suspected a passenger had soiled the seat when the express bus was making the journey from Terengganu to Seremban, Negri Sembilan. 

He was sleeping during the later part of the journey, and his co-driver Wan Mohd Zamri Wan Mat had taken over the wheel.  

Husain said, "When we arrived at the Seremban Bus Terminal at about 6.30am, I was awoken from my sleep by a very bad smell. I checked the bus and found human faeces on one of the seats." 

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Not only did the smelly poop get on the seat, it was also smeared all over the windows and curtains near the seat, NST reported.

The passenger was said to be a man in his 30s. 

Disappointed by such behaviour, Husain added that the passenger should have informed the bus drivers if he felt the urgency to go. 

"He should have informed us to stop at a nearby mosque or petrol station, not take matters into his own hands which would only make things difficult for the management and other passengers." 

Unfortunately for Husain, this is the second time he had come across an incident like this in his three years of driving buses, but he added that this case was the worst. 

Both drivers were tasked with cleaning the area and they had to spray perfume to get rid of the stench.