Special delivery: Malaysian woman returning home from Singapore springs surprise on parents

PHOTO: Facebook/Evonne Yan

After being away from her family for two years, a Malaysian woman was finally able to pack her bags (and herself) to visit her parents back home. 

Evonne Yan uploaded a video to Facebook on Thursday (Feb 17), showing how she disguised herself as a parcel and got 'delivered' home to her parents. 

"I've never been more nervous and excited," she wrote in the caption, and also thanked those who helped her pull off the surprise. 

The 75-second video shows Yan's boss helping to prepare the props for her surprise — a large cardboard box that she would sit in.  

Yan's fiancé, who dressed up as a delivery man, then wheeled the 'parcel' to her parents' doorstep. He then asked her mother to open the package, revealing a delightful surprise. 

Hearing the commotion, Yan's father appeared as well. Seeing his daughter standing in a cardboard box, he joked: "Help me send it over there, it's a wrong delivery." 

"Nothing beats coming home", the woman wrote. 

The video has since garnered over 13,000 views and almost 800 reactions from netizens, who loved Yan's innovative idea. Many also heartily welcomed her back to Malaysia. 

'So imaginative' PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook 
'You scared your mum, she's so happy she doesn't know how to react' PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook 

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