Tenant from hell turns Malaysia house into a junkyard, owner even finds newborn kittens in rubbish

This particular renter might have just snagged the top spot in the list of Tenants from Hell when they left their landlord with a ruined house filled with piles of rubbish that reached as high as the ceilings.

The worst part? They even left live newborn kittens behind.

Hang Dhamin, a travel influencer from Penang, took to Facebook on Monday (Sept 30) to air his grievances about the state of his friend's house.

"Before this, when I saw viral pictures of filthy and ruined houses, I thought that's simply not logical. How can it be that bad?"

As life would have it, Dhamin found himself knee-deep in one. 

PHOTO: Facebook/Hang Dhamin

The absurd amount of hoarded garbage had turned the house into a trash mountain range of sorts, with multiple junk piles taller than Dhamin and friends.

Absolutely flabbergasted and at a total loss for words, Dhamin was unable to describe the sheer disbelief he felt. Instead, he included several horrifying photos and a video in his post and let those speak for themselves.

In less than a minute in, they even uncover not one, but two kittens that look as though they've only just opened their eyes.

PHOTO: Screencap/Facebook

In the rest of the short clip, Dhamin and friends can be seen moving mountains — literally shovelling rubbish into bags after bags. Despite including at least five time-lapses in the video, it barely scratched the surface in showing just how long it took the entire crew to clear the mess.

With the rubbish out of the way, the extent of the damage done to the house laid bare for everyone to see. Walls were desecrated, windows were rusted, the toilet was flooded and bare wires were even hanging down from the ceiling.

Dhamin went on to vent his frustrations regarding the cost incurred by this tenant. Just the cost of renting a truck to dispose of rubbish alone was enough to give him a headache before he even factored in the amount of money it would take to repair the house.

According to Noodou, the house was originally rented to the tenant's mother, who then passed it onto the tenant himself. Allegedly, he always paid his bills on time. When his child suddenly passed away, he decided to let his brother stay in the house, which led to its current condition.

The tenant would then find excuses not to pay rent before he ultimately disappeared altogether. Dhamin and his friend had to lodge a police report and hire a lawyer before they were even able to retrieve the key.