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Tests do not show product conditions shown in circulated video of chrysanthemum tea: Yeo's

Tests do not show product conditions shown in circulated video of chrysanthemum tea: Yeo's

Yeo's has responded to a Stomp query regarding a circulated video of a "sticky" substance claimed to be unsafe for consumption purportedly floating in its chrysanthemum tea packet drinks.

A Stomp contributor alerted Stomp to the video that has been circulating on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

In the video, a man opens a packet of the drink that is seen to have a 2019 expiry date.

He can be heard saying in the background that the drinks are not safe for consumption, especially by children.

He takes the packet from a carton and cuts it open.

As he pours the tea out into a cup, a substance he described as "sticky" is seen falling out of the packet.

The man then advises the public to be mindful of what they drink and to always open packet drinks before consumption.

In response to a Stomp media query, Yeo's said: "In response to the video shared through various social media platforms regarding our chrysanthemum tea, Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Berhad ("Yeo's") has taken immediate steps to test samples taken from the same production batch as well as to review our production records of the same batch as shown in the video."

It said that it had conducted Quality Assurance tests of samples and that the tests do not indicate the product conditions shown in the video.

Furthermore, the tests "affirmed safe consumption" of its product.

It said in its statement: "Quality control and manufacturing processes on the said batch of products were also reviewed and confirmed that they were in accordance to standards."

Yeo's explained that it has been trying to reach the consumer in the video, but has been unable to make contact up until 9pm on Dec 11.

It encourages the consumer to contact Yeo's via its Facebook page Yeo's Malaysia, customer care line, 1300 80 2828, or speak to its Public Relations Manager, Ms Janice at 03 55228 189 as soon as possible to assist in further investigations of the product.

"Yeo's Chrysanthemum Tea is manufactured under stringent international quality and food safety standards and it is safe for consumption," it added.

"Our factories are certified with HACCP Food Safety management systems and all stages of our production processes are subject to rigorous quality control procedures.

"We are confident of our food manufacturing and handling standards and we welcome regulators to inspect our production facilities at any time.

"We truly value consumer feedback as product quality and consumer safety are of utmost importance at Yeo's."

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