Women have needs too: Viral post calling out Malaysian husbands for visiting prostitutes in Singapore sparks debate

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From Zoom dates to livestreamed weddings, many couples have had to get creative during the pandemic.

But to satisfy their physical and sexual needs, some have resorted to other avenues.

Alleging that some Malaysian men visit prostitutes behind their partners' backs while working in Singapore, a Facebook post by an Alor Setar man ignited a social media debate over the weekend on cheating and sexual double standards.

The Oct 17 post, which has amassed over 8,000 shares, was prompted by recent conversations he'd had with several male acquaintances, the author ⁠— who goes by Lokido Baker ⁠— said.

With travel restrictions in place since March, returning to Malaysia is "as hard as climbing the sky", he wrote.

Malaysians working in Singapore can return to their country under the Periodic Commuting Arrangement scheme. However, they will have to serve a quarantine of at least seven days in Malaysia.

As such, several of his Malaysian acquaintances admitted that they have been engaging prostitutes to "feel the warmth of a woman" and satisfy their sexual needs, he shared, all while their girlfriends and wives back in Malaysia remain none the wiser to their philandering.

"They will go to Geylang or around Chinatown to drink. The girls there will chat them up and drink together with them. Then, they'll get a hotel room and have sex.

"Each session costs about $100 to $200. For the particularly pretty ones, it can go up to $400 to $800."

As if the cheating wasn't bad enough, the men he spoke to said they wouldn't be able to accept it if their partners did the same as they would be "cuckolded", Lokido said.

According to him, they even added that "women shouldn't do that".

His issue is not with sex work, he made sure to clarify, but with the double standards at play.

"I think one thing everyone can agree on is that we shouldn't have double standards.

"Men can do it, women can't. Why? We all have biological needs. I really don't understand."

Lokido's sentiments struck a chord with many women, who left comments condemning the double standards he'd described.

"That's right. The most important thing in life is to avoid double standards."
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"Men can patronise prostitutes. Of course women can patronise gigolos. It's extremely fair. Just curious, where can I find gigolos in Singapore?"
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"A truly good marriage requires love, discipline, mutual respect and treating each other with sincerity. A marriage that only exists to satisfy each other's needs is merely a transaction. True love is so precious."
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Some men chimed in on the subject, sharing that dealing with sexual needs is a case of mind over matter for them.

"Between the mind and the body, it's a choice. Whether you need it or not, it is your own personal choice. I've held strong for seven months."
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But the post also attracted naysayers and sexist comments.

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Reacting to the sudden virality of his post, Lokido said in a comment he was "flattered".

"My small suggestion is for everyone to work hard together in our interpersonal relationships. Do unto others as you would like them to do to you."