'You can see tiredness on her aged face': Man in KL 'shocked' to see elderly woman work as cartoon mascot

PHOTO: Screengrab from Facebook/Roslansalleh

During his trip to a night market in Malaysia, a man was startled and saddened after realising that the face behind a cartoon mascot was that of an elderly woman.  

He was at the Wangsa Maju Night Bazaar in Kuala Lumpur, and had stopped to watch people take pictures with the various mascots on hand.

It was then that he realised one of them was an elderly woman, around his mother’s age.

The man took to Facebook on Saturday (March 4) to share what he had witnessed, stating that it was 2am when the elderly woman was still working. 

Reflecting on the incident, he said people living in the city were finding it “difficult” to cope, especially if they had dependants.

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Though he said he was glad that she was determined to work at her age, he still felt that she should have been resting at home. 

He added: “You can see tiredness on her aged face. But what can she do? Maybe this is the only way to earn income.”

Many commenters agreed with the man’s view that the woman should be spending time at home with her family instead. 

Some even asked for the exact location where the woman works, supposedly to offer some help.

This article was first published in The New Paper. Permission required for reproduction.