You're in my spot: Malaysian trashes neighbour's car, filling it with garbage

You're in my spot: Malaysian trashes neighbour's car, filling it with garbage
PHOTO: Facebook/Elyssa Goldy

Disputes among neighbours are not uncommon. There are countless horror stories on social media showing nasty neighbours and their antics everywhere, and it's not just limited to Singapore.

In a viral TikTok video posted last Monday (July 18) by user Bundlekitaa_, an angry man could be heard shouting as he pans the camera to a pile of trash on the driver's seat of his red Honda car at a Kuala Lumpur condo.

This man, presumably the owner of the car, claimed that he had parked on the wrong spot by mistake and had already paid a fine when his car was clamped, but later discovered trash in his car that was dumped by his angry neighbour who owned the parking space.


The video starts with the owner of the Honda car cursing: "You turn on the CCTV now. C*** you placed trash in my car you son of a pig! Did you think this car was bought for cheap?"

"Aren't I nice to you? Be reasonable, I just parked here by mistake. Be a little reasonable, this is trash, stupid," the man continues as his wife can be heard repeatedly asking security guards to call the owner of the parking lot down and talking about filing a police report.

In the video, used food containers, dried leaves and plastic bags could be seen inside the car.

In the caption, the man mentions that the car was left to him by his late father: "What kind of fate do I have to get a bad-hearted neighbour who does this to someone's car. Be patient, my heart...The car left by my late father..."

The TikTok video has since garnered 3.5 million views and 185,600 likes at the time of writing.

The wife also took to Instagram to explain the situation, posting a photo of the trash in the car, a filed police report and the vehicle allegedly owned by the neighbour. 

"Our car was parked wrongly, then got clamped, then we paid the cost. But it turns out that the owner of this parking lot has the attitude of a dog, he pulled the car door open and threw trash containing feces [sic]" read the caption edited onto the photo.

"If your attitude is like those who live in the forest, don't move to a classy place like this, it doesn't suit you. We residents here don't behave like garbage like you. Is this the first time you're living in a condo?"

It is unknown whether the police report was filed by the man or his wife, but the end of the report states that the victim had done so in fear of the safety of himself and his belongings.

A day later on July 19, the man revealed a note that was allegedly left on his car by the neighbour.

The note said: "Please act responsibly. Don't be stupid. Parking at someone's lot. Not understanding other people's troubles [sic]"

The TikTok user added on to claim that the neighbour wanted to "break his car". 

While there were comments siding the couple, some netizens on Facebook and TikTok thought the pair were to blame for the incident.

"Entered someone's parking space and then blaming the person and getting angry at him. This is funny," said one netizen.

Another netizen thought it was funny that the couple wanted to find the details of the neighbour with the help of social media since they lived in the same condo, suggesting that they just wait in front of the neighbour's car instead.

One netizen on TikTok pointed out how the police report stated that the man had parked his car on the parking space on July 16 and only wanted to move his car out on the 18th. 

"What were you doing during those two days?" asked the netizen.

Earlier in May, a woman in Singapore planted herself in a parking lot at Marina Bay Sands to reserve it and threatened a driver who reversed into the space with a police report. 

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