35 completed or nearly-TOP new launch condos in 2023 if you can't wait

Finding a unit in these near-complete (or completed) condos can be a challenge. But if you really need one, contact us on Stacked and we’ll see what we can do; sometimes there’s an odd leftover unit, or a buyer who may return a unit. You can also browse our reviews for new and resale condos alike, to get a close-up look.

For those looking for a completed unit because of a tighter timeline, 2023 is a good year to look if you want something new. Contact us on Stacked and we’ll see what we can do; sometimes there’s an odd leftover unit, or a buyer who may return a unit. You can also browse our reviews for new and resale condos alike, to get a close-up look.

Full list of completed/near-complete new launch condos

The following are some of the condos that are nearest to the key collection, or which are finished:

1. Daintree Residence

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Location: 11D Toh Tuck Road (District 21)

Developer: SP Setia 

Lease: 99-years

Number of units: 327


Daintree Residence is best known for its design emphasis on sky or rooftop gardens, complete with link bridges (treetop walks) and cabana/lounge areas on the roof. This is in keeping with the general location of Upper Bukit Timah, which is widely regarded as a tranquil green space. 

Daintree Residence is also a relatively short drive from Beauty World Plaza and Beauty World Centre (the Beauty World MRT is also around this area, but we feel it’s too long of a walk to truly be convenient on foot). These malls will have most of the shopping and dining residents would need. 

There have been 2 sub sale transactions since, with the one that transacted outside the SSD period making a gross $170k profit.

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2. Riviere

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Location: 1 Jiak Kim Street (District 03)

Developer: Frasers Property 

Lease: 99-years

Number of units: 455


Riviere is probably most famous for being the former location of Zouk; and that is a good location. It’s about equidistant between Havelock and Great World MRT stations (Thomson – East Coast Line), both are within walking distance, and you’d be in the Robertson Quay area with a lot of nightlife. 

Great World City, is very nearby too, and this is a large mall with a lot of shopping and dining, so it’s a convenient amenity to have nearby. The revamp has brought on new life to the mall, with a giant CS Fresh and famous dining outlets like Shake Shack and Tim Ho Wan.

As you’d expect from a prime region property, there’s nothing cheap about this condo – the 1,200+ sq. ft. units have been sold for $2,900 to $3,100+ psf, so the quantum can be well in excess of $3 million. This was after prices were brought down from the initial launch prices, as sales weren’t doing well.

This is also a condo for urbanites, as the Robertson Quay area is in the heart of the city; and there isn’t much in the way of green space.

Even though the development isn’t fully sold out yet, it is expected to be completed by Jan 2023 – which should help it to clear the rest of the units (the ABSD deadline is this year). Surprisingly, there has been a sub sale transaction, which resulted in a $297k loss for the first owner.

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3. 3 Cuscaden

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Location: 3 Cuscaden (District 10)

Developer: Sustained Land Pte. Ltd. 

Lease: Freehold

Number of units: 96


This is a luxury development where the location sells itself. It’s one of the condos located behind Wheelock Place, so residents are living in the heart of Orchard. From Wheelock, you can use the underground connection to link up to Orchard MRT (North-South Line, Thomson – East Coast Line) as well as other nearby malls. 

The very small unit count (96 units) also allows for a good degree of privacy, for both tenants and homeowners. 

Needless to say, all this convenience comes with a good amount of traffic and less green space, as it’s in Singapore’s busiest shopping district. You do have Sky Gardens at different levels of the development, which does help to make up for the small land plot.

Also, the infinity pool on the top floor (there’s one on the ground floor as well) is a really attractive lifestyle option that suits those who can afford to live in such an area. An intimidating price tag is also a given for this location, with the three-room, 1,281 sq. ft. units going for as high as $3,689 psf. Expect a quantum of over $4.5 million for these family-sized units. 

4. Fourth Avenue Residences

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Location: 2 Fourth Avenue (District 10)

Developer: Allgreen Properties Ltd. 

Lease: 99-years

Number of units: 476


The main highlight of Fourth Avenue Residences is that it’s a non-landed project, within a mostly landed area. The condo overlooks low-density enclaves and provides the greenery that Bukit Timah projects are famous for. It’s also practically next to the Sixth Avenue MRT station (Downtown line). 

Amenities-wise, Coronation Plaza is not too far away but is a little on the old side and limited; even though it does have an NTUC, and day-to-day services like hair and nail salons. One downside is that Turf City, which we would have highlighted as a nearby amenity (a few minutes drive), is closing down in December 2023. That previously gave access to a Giant supermarket, as well as several artisanal cafes and restaurants.

You do have Guthrie House just next door with a CS Fresh, as well as a surprising number of local food outlets across the road (there’s a Toast Box too).

Nonetheless, this is a very convenient location that’s also peaceful and great for families; and a price tag of around $2,410 psf (for 1,119 sq. ft. units) is broadly in line with a new District 10 condo. 

There have been 2 sub sale transactions so far, one of which transacted at a $54,000 loss. Given this was within the SSD period, it’s likely that it was a distressed sale.

PHOTO: Stackedhomes

The sole unit sold last year was transacted at a gross $164k profit.

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5. Jadescape

PHOTO: Stackedhomes

Location: 2 Shunfu Road (District 20)

Developer: Qingjian Realty Pte. Ltd. 

Lease: 99-years

Number of units: 1,206


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Key collection has already begun, so chances of finding a returned unit here are a bit slim. Nonetheless, if you really need a condo within a five minutes walk of Marymount MRT (Circle Line), you might give this mega-development a shot. 

Jadescape is noted for its sheer size (almost 400,000 sq. ft.), and feels more like an entire estate than a condo. It’s marketed on the strength of its extensive facilities, which it has more than sufficient room for (there are 2 gyms, for instance). The high unit count also makes for lower maintenance, and brings the cost to a manageable $2,100+ psf (at least, in today’s context) for 1,055 sq. ft. units. 

This condo is a bit far from any malls though; so you should expect to travel out for more extensive retail options. Mega-developments also aren’t for everyone, and the investment-minded may dislike the future competition from other units. 

There have been 33 profitable sub sale transactions so far, with the top going to a large 2,099 sq. ft. unit making the owner a cool $787k profit.

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6. Avenue South Residence

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Location: 1 Silat Avenue (District 3)

Developer: UOL Group/UIC Ltd./Kheng Leong 

Lease: 99-years

Number of units: 1,074


Avenue South Residence is near Singapore General Hospital (SGH), and this is either a big plus or minus depending on your aims. 

Landlords, for instance, are likely to see dollar signs here, as SGH provides a large pool of tenants in the form of foreign workers. And of course, for those who work at SGH or need regular treatment, this is a convenient place to be. On the flip side, those with taboos, or who fear late-night sirens, might not enjoy this location. 

That aside, this condo also appeals to those love the hipster Tiong Bahru area (it’s around a 5-minute drive), and who don’t mind being further away from an MRT station. And as with most mega-developments, you do get a lot more room for extensive facilities. 

7. ParkSuites

PHOTO: Stackedhomes

Location: 18 Holland Grove Road (District 10)

Developer: Far East Organization

Lease: 110-years

Number of units: 119


Take note that ParkSuites is likely a leasehold project sitting on freehold land, which is unfavourable for en-bloc prospects.

That said, this is a very cosy, 119-unit condo that will appeal to those who like privacy. It’s within the landed enclave of Henry Park, so think of it as a more affordable way to live in a low-density area. It’s also, as the name implies, just across from Henry Park Primary. There is also Henry Park (a public park) right outside, which provides some space for exercise, as well as a nice bit of greenery views for residents.

There is a lack of MRT access and fewer nearby amenities, but this is to be expected of a landed area, where exclusivity is the whole point. There is, nonetheless, a CS Fresh at Jelita that’s about five minutes down the road. 

If you drive (and it’s assumed the majority of residents here will have private transport), the closest mall is The Star Vista; it’s less than 10 minutes away, and is a major retail hub.

8. Tre Ver

Location: 60 Potong Pasir (District 13)

Developer: UOL Group/UIC Ltd.

Lease: 99-years

Number of units: 729


This is by the same pair of developers behind Avenue South (see above). The pricing for Tre Ver is attractive, and is below anything you’d see among 2023’s newest launches – the 1,098 sq. ft. units, for instance, have been sold for just $1,958 psf (a quantum just slightly above $2 million). 

Location-wise, we’re a little ambivalent. Potong Pasir is a city fringe location, but this part of it is not exactly dense with amenities; you’d have to walk down to where The Poiz is for a supermarket and more retail. The Poiz, incidentally, is also where you’ll find Potong Pasir MRT on the North-East Line, and it’s roughly a 10+ minute walk.

PHOTO: Stackedhomes

There have been 37 profitable transactions so far, with the highest one going to a 1,098 sq. ft. unit that made its owner $442k. This was bought at for $1,556 psf in 2019, which seems like a very reasonable price now in hindsight.

Finding a unit in these near-complete (or completed) condos can be a challenge. But if you really need one, contact us on Stacked and we’ll see what we can do; sometimes there’s an odd leftover unit, or a buyer who may return a unit. You can also browse our reviews for new and resale condos alike, to get a close-up look. 

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