4 ways women are better with money than men

4 ways women are better with money than men

As we move towards deeper levels of a gender-equal society, here are some things that women are doing better than men when it comes to finances. 

Viewing the attributes of the male and female sexes as competition is juvenile. However, appreciating the positive traits of each gender is healthy and a good learning experience for the other team! The last few decades have finally given us an environment where men and women can financially compete on a level playing field.

Sure, there are still some fundamental issues in society and its expectation from each sex with its defined gender roles, however, there's no denying that some progress has happened.

A huge part of an individual's freedom is financial freedom, and of late, experts have observed that women are not only doing things a little differently, but also a whole lot better. So gentlemen, swallow your pride and start taking notes, because here are 4 ways women are rocking finance harder than you do.


According to a study in 2015, women manage Credit Card debt 22 per cent better than men, which means they are more disciplined in the way they repay their debts. This should be on the checklist of anyone in search of financial freedom, irrespective of gender.


Another study shows that women are generally better at not only planning their retirement but also sticking to a retirement savings plan.

While one cannot deny that there are many men who may be as good at this, the results of the study suggest that there's something that women are bringing to the table that seems to work slightly better when it comes to saving. This statistic is a good enough fact to crush all those who stereotype women to be only big spenders!


While men are typically known to have a risky appetite when it comes to investing, the safer, more calculative approach that women are following seems to have boons of its own.


Firstly, every move is well-thought-out and fool-proof. Secondly, while the highs may not gush in from high-risk sources, women take more care in ensuring that no dramatic loss of money is possible.

The difference here is that men typically like to be more hands-on with investment, when in fact, according to experts, leaving your investment alone for a while is not a bad idea, and that's how women are edging ahead in the investment game.


This one may shock a few who think otherwise. While patriarchy has always placed men at the helm of financial independence and groomed them to be the 'next bread-earner', a 2015 study in the US revealed that more men in their mid 30s were somewhat dependent on financial support from parents than their female counterparts.

One can't deny that the drive for women to break through whatever obstacles society has thrown at them has made them shine when it comes to this.

At the end of the day, whether you're a man or a woman, these 4 factors are integral to your financial independence.

This article was first published on BankBazaar

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